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The Transformers (UK) Marvel Part 1


#1 was released in the UK on the 20th September 1984

Circling the star Alpha Centauri ages ago was a planet unlike any other in the heavens, Cybertron. No rock or soil or sand contributed to it’s bizarre geography, it’s content was entirely mechanical, yet life had evolved here. It had grown, adapted and thrived in it’s environment remarkably well. The planet’s dominant life form the Autobots, had created a mechanical paradise where each Autobot went about his pursuits in peace and prosperity. But every paradise has it’s serpent and on this world it was Megatron, commander of those who called themselves the Decepticons.


#2 was released in the UK on the 4th October 1984

4 million years after the Autobots spacecraft  the Ark crash landed on the once lifeless planet of Earth, the Autobot and Decepticon passengers have been revived by Auntie, the Ark’s main computer. Each Cybertronian has been given the ability to alter their form into Earth vehicles, weapons or military machinery. The Decepticon forces commanded by the malevolent Megatron decide to flee the crippled spacecraft to recover and recharge before they continue with their mission, to destroy the Autobots once and for all.


#3 was released in the UK on the 18th October 1984

The Decepticons are in need of fuel after being revived from a 4 million year slumber in the Autobot spacecraft the Ark. The Decepticons led by Megatron, prepare to strike the Harrison Nuclear Plant, hoping to get the energy they need.


#4 was released in the UK on the 1st November 1984

After the Decepticons learn of a human agreeing to leading the Autobots to a fuel source, they set out from the base in the Harrison Nuclear Plant to seize the human. A fight ensues which the local police try to get involved in and find their weapons are useless against the robots. Megatron snags Sparkplug and briefly fights with Optimus. Sparkplug is momentarily freed only to get captured and taken away by Starscream. The fight leaves the Autobots in desperate need of recharging.

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