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I’d thought about doing a blog to revisit the Toyworld Dinobots, they’ve been kicking around here in the Vault encased in their polystyrene and carboard prisons for a while now. I decided to release them, have a little play, took a few photo’s and then sat down to start writing.

And much as before when I did the reviews I find myself uninspired, not because they are bad figures more just that I don’t really feel I have anything to say about them.

Are they any good ? Sure, they are okay, Grimshell is the weak link. He’s too big to really fit in with the others, I get that this is to facilitate the combined mode. Roar, Muddy and Iron Dreg are great. What appealed to me about these was the feel they had of the original G1 toys. Whilst not identical they captured their spirit in a more modern take. I didn’t get round to obtaining Spear as my enthusiasm for the set wained somewhat after Grimshell, that and the unreasonable high price point, considering what they were.

So now I’m left with an incoplete Dinobot team not to mention an incomplete combiner, a gimmick that I feel Toyworld should have avoided and just given us a dam fine set of Dinobots. In combined form this set is just awful, poorly proportioned and poorly balanced. Joints don’t connect well and when they do, don’t hold well enough to maintain poses and falls apart at the mearest touch.

Will I complete the set ? I doubt it, unless I see or are offered Spear and a more reasonable price point (around £45 to £50). So back into their boxes they go, into storage to await my whim to open again or a shock reunion with their abscent team mate.

For now I hope you will enjoy the few images below.

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