Badcube Old Timer Series OTS-02 Brawny

The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

We’ve all been round the block once or twice with this figure, he’s been out a while now. I missed the Space Bridge the first time so the gallery here is of the second release, which I am told comes with the accessories that were options or additions initially.

I decided not to do a full written review as I’ve nothing to add to commentary already offered elsewhere, however I will maybe interject some of the images with comments or opinions.

Packaging & Accessories

Vehicle Mode

Robot Mode


Oh Dear !

Final Thoughts

I’m not as impressed with Brawny as I was with Huff 2.0 or any other Badcube figure to date. He’s not a bad figure but it does just feel “off” for some reason. I did not have the initial release so I cannot compare it to that but on this one here the plastic feels soft, lacking any rigidity that can be found from other third party offerings.

I was disappointed with the missing foot panel and the disintegrating gun, which fell apart as soon as I removed it from the rear mounted petrol (gas) can. It’s the first Badcube figure I have had any QC issues with at all so I’m not too aggrieved about it generally.

It’s still the best MP Brawn out there for the time being, I’m sure another may have a crack at it at some point, I’d like to see Ocular Max take a stab at it.

If you have not got an MP Brawn as yet and get the chance to pick him up then I’d say sure, why not. He does come with extra accessories not available included first time round so his value for money is sound.

Well, that’s it for Brawny …

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Badcube OTS-01 Huff can be Ordered by clicking here.

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