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The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

I’d been keeping my eye on this one for a while, and like most was debating whether it would see release or not. Well it finally landed and I got to take a look at it. Fans Toys FT-17 Hoodlum, aka Hot Rod.

Much as the character he’s based upon I found myself bereft of patience when coming to sit down and write this review, I had it all planned out in my head, it was spectacular and very wordy but I got bored. So I’m not messing about with this one and getting straight to the points that matter.




Fans Toys standard, poly insert with figure in robot mode surrounded by the accessories. Bag with instructions and collector card.





Vehicle Mode



There’s been some debate regarding the proportions of the car mode, it is shorter than what we have seen prior but I don’t take issue with this as having gone back and had a quick scan over the cartoons and movie, Hot Rods proportions do seem to change from time to time. The colours are good and all matches up well. Rubber on tyres which is always a plus for me, good chrome and a nice big tail fin. Canopy opens up to show interior detailing, which is a nice touch and if you “amputate” at the knees the Daniel figure that comes with MP Magnus he will sit in the seats (the canopy won’t close correctly mind).



Robot Mode



Hoodlum at a first and passing glance looks really well, the proportions are good and the vibrant colours really pop out at you. The figure is heavy too, lots of die-cast here. It’s at this point where a grey cloud overshadows the rest of this review….



What I Really Think


My first ever Fans Toys purchase was Willis and I immediately loved it. I then bought Sovereign and was blown away (this is still one of my favourite figures to date). So taking into account that track record, it’s not Fans Toys finest hour here and I have to be honest with you and myself. It’s hard for me to see where Fans Toys is in Hoodlum. For want of a better phrase, it feels rushed. Sure it’s solid and hefty with the usual quality feel but for some reason the plastics look different, cheaper some how. The paint application on the die-cast chest and bonnet was chipped straight out the box. The way the back-pack clips over the shoulders leaves it loose and floppy. The break in the lines for the neck area glare at you and the deep forearms where the hands attach are one of my main pet peeves. And as if to add insult to injury, in a move that is almost Fans Toys trolling us, they put the head on a ball joint but did not give it any clearance to be able to move. Talking of movement, articulation has packed it’s bags and buggered off to part unknown never to be seen again, it’s awful.



Always look on the Bright Side of Life


But lets try to be positive here. If you are going to display Hoodlum only, then it’s a cracking figure and worthy of the shelf space next to the other Movie / Season 3 characters. It’s very statuesque in it’s presence and does look the part, more so that MP-28 or MP-09.



However, if you like to pick up and play around with your collection or change the poses from time to time then I’d have a hard time dissuading you from opting for the aforementioned MP-28. It has articulation in spades but the pay off is the overall general look. Hoodlum does look better, but what are looks if there is no substance.

The vehicle mode is really good, I like it a lot. The stubby-ness is no concern for me as it sits well and look like its ready to “vroom” off into the distance.




Lookout Mountain


All that’s left to ask now is should you but it ? For all my gripes I cannot say no, and this comes down to two points. Price point, for the money it’s fair enough value. And the second is the overall package, It does just look so much better that MP-28. So I suppose at times I can overlook substance for looks, who’d have thought I’d be so shallow.





Just one more thing….. If MMC & OX are watching, now would be a good time.



Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Fans Toys FT-17 Hoodlum is in stock as of time of writing and can be ordered by clicking here.

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