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The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

Fans Toys engaged our hopes for this figure long before it’s announcement with their release of Sovereign, because where would Galvatron be without his loyal second-in-command Cyclonus?, perhaps still submerged in a lava pit on Thrull (if you are a follower of the G1 cartoon that is). And Fans Toys haven’t disappointed as they’ve delivered in the form of FT-29 Quietus (now how about getting onto Scourge).

I’m going to set my stall out early and get this out of the way with now; Cyclonus was Skywarp. There, now it’s said you know where I stand on this matter we can move on.

Okay, maybe I need to offer a little more information as to why I arrived at that conclusion; so here it is. It’s no secret that I was a G1 toy fan first and foremost with the UK Marvel comics underpinning that love, the cartoon was a very sporadic event on UK T.V. and as such had no direct input on shaping my knowledge of these characters. Even the movie when it hit the local cinema, as good as it was (is) didn’t sway me towards the cartoon ‘canon’. I digress, so my overriding logic on this was down to the 1986 toy catalogue, see below with my added notes.

And really it’s as simple as that.

I would also just like to add though, reading the comics I always imagined Cyclonus sounding a lot like Christopher Walken… chilling.


Packaging and Accessories

No need to go into detail here as much like Takara, Fans Toys’ packaging remains the same for each release, visually and in quality.

Accessories Include;

Escrima (Nightstick) “Targetmaster”

2x Alt Face (Standard & Scream)

1x Alt Face with Goatee (Scream, Standard comes pre-applied)

G1 (Toy Accurate) Gun

G1 (Animation Accurate) Gun

Alt Head (IDW) & Horn

Side Skirt Attachments (IDW)

2x Blade Holders

1x Long Blade & 1x Short Blade

Instruction Booklet & Collector Card

Cybertronian Jet Mode

This is one sleek looking jet mode, so sharp that it looks fast whilst being still. The lines and curves look gorgeous from any and all angles, feeling solid with no hint of flimsiness. Play features are at a minimum here, opening cock-pit and retracting landing gear are all you get aside from a slot to attach Escrima, but he doesn’t attach very well. Right balance of detail, good paint applications and translucent plastic for the cock-pit windows (tickles my translucent plastic tender parts). From the images below you will note I have displayed him on the stand that comes with Sovereign, let me be clear; he does not fit on this stand whatsoever. I was lucky and got him to balance just long enough to take shots, if you try to display him like this he will fall off and could break.


Transformation isn’t that bad to be fair. I took my time the first couple of attempts and since have it down pretty good.

Robot Mode

Quietus cuts a lean and mean silhouette, not unlike Clint Eastwood in one of the various Spaghetti Westerns. He edges Sovereign ever so slightly in height thanks in part to his “ears” but lacks his bulk. This in no way impacts on the feel of the figure as it’s more than a match quality wise for the former. That great paint application carries forward into this mode as does the translucent plastic which is used on his chest and abdomen detail as well as his knees. Of note is the face sculpt, it’s sharp and well defined giving a menacing look. Alt faces can be applied to give a standard look or with Goatee. Articulation is good and various dynamic poses are possible, some additional support maybe required however. Double joints in the knees and arms, bicep swivel and upper leg, ankle tilt … etc, you get the idea. I doubted there was a waist swivel but it is there, you need to pull the crotch section forward slightly and lift his butt flap up a little, some slight twist side to side but nothing major. I’ll now get to my two elephants in the room; IDW accessories and the Wreck-it-Ralph hands. I have very little issue with the latter but it has been commented on so felt it was worth a mention, he holds his weapons well and that’s good enough for me. It’s the IDW stuff that gets my arse hair up … why, I mean why include it ? The sculpt of the figure as a whole lends nothing to them and only succeeds in making them look even more out of place. I have to be honest though, I am biased a little as I didn’t care too much for the characterization of Cyclonus in the IDW comics, wasn’t all bad but towards the end they went a little … well, I’ll leave that one there. Lets look at some pictures shall we.



Not a bad little figure, good articulation (mainly ball joints) and transforms well.



It’s inevitable that Quietus was going to be held to compare against Eligos, just the way it is. I didn’t have Eligos originally so went out and got him, out of curiosity and also to do the comparison thing myself. And I found that he doesn’t compare, he was never going to. But please don’t take this as a negative, it most certainly is not. There is room for both these figures on your shelf, trust me. If I were to say this; Quietus is Cyclonus as seen in the Movie whereas Eligos is Cyclonus as seen in Season 3, or … Quietus is Cyclonus and Eligos is Armada. There, justification to have and fully enjoy both.




Quietus is an awesome figure and rightly deserves the praise it’s been getting, Fans Toys have done another bang on job. I can only count 4 issues I have; 1) Wreck-it-Ralph hands, which as I said is a minor gripe. 2) IDW accessories, no love here and were it not for completion they’d have been aimed squarely at the bin. 3) The cock-pit canopy in jet mode. I left this issue until now as it is a pretty big one really. Pegs on the underside don’t fit into the holes, from what I can gather its a paint over-spray thing. Now a fix is achievable but it involves a craft knife or such tool. I did it as I am confident in what I was doing (being a former modeler) but if you are unsure then I’d leave it as I figure most of you will display in robot mode anyway and as such is no issue. And finally, 4) The omission of a flight display stand or at the very least, an adapter to allow the use of the one supplied with Sovereign.

So, that was or is Quietus. He’s a keeper and still out on display, which is a rarity for me as they normally go straight back in the box after review to gather dust on a shelf.

I will make one final comment though, now bear with me on this one as it may not make any sense. I refer back to the Quietus / Eligos thing, of the two I have found myself ‘handling’ Eligos more often. Eligos has the size and presence that Quietus should have, as in he’s a little taller and bulkier. Also Eligos for me is more pleasing in hand, he feels like he’s made to be picked up and messed around with whereas Quietus has that feeling of handling a statue (which incidentally I get from most Fans Toys stuff). It makes sense to me in my head.

Well, I leave you with the obligatory ‘fun’ images an thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.



Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Fans Toys FT-29 Quietus is in stock as of time of writing and can be ordered by clicking here.

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