FansToys FT-22 Koot (MP Kup)

The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

It’s unbelievable how behind I am with the stuff that’s come into the Vault recently. Old timer is something I’ll be by the time I’ve managed to get around to doing some kind of review or galleries. Anyway, may as well make a start and here is that start; Fans Toys FT-22 Koot or as he’s know to us, Masterpiece Kup.

So I’m not going to do a “review” for this release as you’ll be aware,  already plenty out there. And to be honest I don’t feel I’ve anything new to bring to the table on it. All I will say is; yes I do like it.

Now please, enjoy the pictures …

Usual Fans Toys quality but with a stubborn transformation sequence. I feel it looks tidy in robot mode, sure it has the back pack going on but I know some folks don’t like. Nice addition with the Targetmaster, he’s quite the sturdy little fella.

Good range of articulation, nice accessories although the cigar is bland and very small and not really required for this version of Kup. Vehicle mode is also good but really do miss those rubber tyres.

Is he worth picking up, yes, definitely. Looking forward to rounding out that ’86 Movie line up.

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Fans Toys FT-22 Koot can be Ordered by clicking here.

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