Machine Robo DX MRDX-01 Bike Robo

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According to Wikipedia;

“Machine Robo is a Japanese transforming robot toy line first released in 1982 by Popy, a division of Bandai, then later by Bandai proper. The franchise was marketed as Robo Machine in Europe, and Machine Men (or Robot Machine Men) in Australia. A large portion of these toys were exported to North America as part of Tonka’s Go-Bots and Rock Lords series, beginning in 1983”

However, most of us here present will be more familiar with the aforementioned “Go-Bots”, the “KMart of Transformers” (Lance Dowds, 2006).

This unwarranted slight aside, lets have a look at Action Toys larger version of Bike Robo.

Good solid packaging, however I would have liked to have seen more of a retro vibe from it. Nice selection of accessories.

Motorcycle mode looks great, working kick-stand, engine detail and adjustable front forks to alter the “ride” height.

Robot mode has good articulation and looks clean with nice vibrant colours that leap out at you.

Some action poses.

Many faces …

It’s not all good, where the arms clip to the shoulders is a weak point, highly susceptible to stress marks.

Just for fun, with thanks to our Ocular Max Remix Review.

Action Toys, for the most part, have produced a solid figure here. My only grip are the weak tabs for the shoulders, other than this it’s amazing. I am hoping they see fit to provide us with other characters in this scale, ideally Eagle Robo first.

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Action Toys Machine Robo DX MRDX-01 Bike Robo can be Ordered by clicking here.

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