Maketoys MTRM-08 Despotron aka Masterpiece Megatron

No words, just a few pictures to show this figures might. A result of my first Transformers trade, just getting in there before the release of the official Masterpiece Megatron from Takara Tomy. Looking forward to getting both these versions together to do a comparison but not looking forward to having to set up all the same or similar shots again.

Packaging & Accessories

Gun Mode


Transformation of Despotron is not the nightmare you may think, in fact despite being a bit of a veteran and beginning to dull in my manual dexterity I found the transformation sequence intuitive and pretty straight forward. I threw a cursory glance over the instructions and felt confident that this would be bereft of headache and complications.

Robot Mode

Final Thoughts

Despite Megatron being thought of as a character pretty tough to pull off transformable figure-wise Maketoys have done a splendid job. Sure the gun mode is massively oversized but the robot mode nails it. MP-05 was my prior exposure to a “Masterpiece” Megatron, good for it’s time I believe but has not aged well whatsoever. Since then we have had Apollyon, Mightron, Despotron and soon Takara will be giving us MP Megatron 2.0, all sterling efforts and good in their own unique ways. As to which is the definitive version … well, that’s entirely up to you the collector and fan. I personally feel they all have their plusses and minuses, none so far have nailed it 100%. Pushed for a decision I’d say this; if you have the money then go for MP-36 because after all he is official. If not then I would recommend Despotron but fully acknowledge that I’ve not had either of the other two 3rd Party offerings in hand.

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