Mastermind Creations Ocular Max PS-02 Liger

I found myself switching my stare between the PC monitor and Liger wondering how the hell to start this review (well slightly less than a review but a little more than a blog). Looking for inspiration to come up with some witty word play for the number three to highlight my 3rd purchase of this 3rd Party mold knowing full well I’d have to come back here and do it all again once Sphinx Stealth Mode arrives down in the Vault. So no wit or smooth lines to ease you into this review, well it’s not a review as such as I did that for PS-01A. It’s all the same bar the different colour but it’s still well worth taking a look and spending your hard earned shanix ?

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Liger is a straight out homage to the red pre-mirage from the Diaclone line, a repaint (with a modest retool) of both PS-01 & PS-01A Sphinx. The box carries on the Diaclone homage with its simple primary colours, minimalist look yet obvious retro feel. The box is smaller that that of PS-01 but identical to that of PS-01A, small detail for most but important for me as shelf space here in the Vault is at a premium, especially for a box collector like me.

Flipping the box round to inspect it’s other faces we see some nice artwork, figure photo’s and the inclusion of a tech spec, which can be read with the enclosed Tech Spec Decoder (looks over shoulder to see if Hasbro is watching). Busting the box open with all the surgical expertise of a neurosurgeon we get to see the box contents, nicely contained in the pyramidal clamshell.

Like PS-01A Sphinx before him, Liger is light on accessories, as I’ve mentioned before at times I’d prefer this over the inclusion of pointless or unnecessary additions. He comes with a shoulder mounted missile launcher, rifle and translucent smoke grey holo-driver but this time round no second face or rear head section. Reasons ? If I’d to guess it’s down to it being that Diaclone homage, no need for additional extras……..well, if it had been up to me I’d have included a dark blue version of Ligers head sculpt to swap out with PS-01 to make it more toy accurate with the Transformers version. Maybe, if MMC gets to read this review / blog, they may offer it as a priced to order extra ? Anyway, rounding out the accessories is the instruction sheet, the now standard collectors card and that tech spec decoder I mentioned earlier.

2016-07-16 15.42.45

Liger is based on the same Indy Car as Sphinx, a 1979 No 26 Equipe Gitanes Ligier Ford Cosworth albeit in red. It retains the same decals and detailing as before including all the same chromed areas, die cast and those nice rubber tyres from that well renowned manufacturer Gooo Year !

The lush red of Liger really makes this figure stand out, quite deep almost cherry and upon closer inspection it is the same red as used for the lining on both versions of Sphinx.

Race Car mode looks great, very sleek and tidy with minimal to no panel gaps, everything lines up well and good ground clearance allows it to roll well. Something I forgot to mention in the previous reviews for both PS-01 & PS-01A is the ability to mount the weapons to the vehicle mode, I’ve not photographed here as I’m not a big fan but if you look it up you’ll find plenty of good examples illustrating this. The one accessory I do use in car mode is the holo-driver, as mentioned previously this time round it’s a translucent smoke grey which compliments the red very well.

Transformation of Liger is identical to that of Sphinx, not overly complicated and the use of the various panels and parts fold away nicely to leave a lean silhouette with no unsightly kibble hang over to spoil those lines.

I will say also that with the Liger I have here in hand it feels a little more sturdy than the previous offerings. Maybe there has been some changes to the materials or the joints, maybe there is better tolerances on the mold, or maybe it’s just me. One thing I do know for sure is that the front suspension is tighter so the wheel sit better and less likely to flip upwards.

This figure is a good scale and fits right in with official MP product, it is more than a match with regards to quality. The die-cast gives the figure some heft and a feel of sturdiness, with most of it being in the feet area this helps with balance when posing the figure, utilising its many points of articulation.

I do however have some minor quibbles with it but not so much they detract from the figure as a whole. For example; the forearm panels, I would like to have seen them tab in correctly as opposed to just sitting there relying on friction to maintain them in place, which it does not as when you move the hands the panel slides out. I think I’d also like to have seen the grey plastic be a shade or two darker to separate it even more from Sphinx, I get why it’s the same, it’s a manufacturing thing.

These points (few they are) are overshadowed by that head sculpt, it’s gloriously evil looking, the menace exuded from it is palpable with those soulless yellow eyes.

I continue to be impressed, not just with this figure but also Mastermind Creations Perfection Series as a whole, the overall quality and design of their output is amazing. If you missed out on the two previous releases of Sphinx and are in the market for an MP Mirage then I wholeheartedly recommend picking one up, it’s fully deserving of a place on your shelf next to your other MP figures, trust me you’ll not be disappointed.

2016-07-18 12.31.04
Cybertronian Rockband – Air Guitar Edition


2016-07-16 15.52.42
Going full “Van Damme” with slightly less Volvo !

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