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The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

I’m on fire here, not literally of course, well not unless I’ve suddenly taken to practising spontaneous combustion. No, the fire I speak of is having shelled out 4 reviews in as many weeks ! It’s a personal record not devoid of merit considering my schedule, yay me ! My self applauding aside we are really here to see what’s to be made of PS-07 Artifex or as we will lovingly come to know him, Masterpiece style Hoist. Artifex is Mastermind Creations mold mate of their previous release, PS-06 Terraegis, a release and mold I thoroughly loved from the get go.

Will I feel the same about this release ? Will a kettle be invented that boils quick enough for some people ? (you know who you are), Am I really on fire ? …

Packaging & Accessories

Much like Takara, MMC are in the swing with the quality, design and style of their packaging for these Perfection Series OX releases. All pretty much the same except maybe for size, it’s a template I fully approve of and continue to appreciate. I’ve said this before but I like the mash up of G1 & Diaclone inspired aesthetic, it hits all my nostalgia buttons firmer than a gamer playing Track & Field, that’s still a game right ?

A mix of artwork, toy images and tech spec’s (surely that’s copyrighted), all complimented by the box window giving us a peak of the valued contents. Opening up said box we have Artifex (truck mode) in the tri-part button press clamshell (I may patent that term), surrounded by an inner box along with a baggie containing the various accessories. These accessories either comprise of items used in various cartoon episodes or are inspired by ones available with the original toy.

They consist of;

  • 2x Rocket Assembly
  • 1x Extra Set of Door Mirrors
  • Force Field Adaptors
  • 2x Hammers
  • 2x Extra Heads (Hoist G1 toy & Hoist Animation)
  • Extra Head for PS-01A Sphinx (Battle Mask Head)
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Collector Card
  • Tech Spec Decoder (that’s gotta be copyrighted)

Vehicle Mode

Artifex is based off the same 1980’s Toyota HiLUX 4×4 model as Terraegis, the difference being that a towing mechanism replaces the latter’s Truckman top.

Other changes immediately obvious are smoked tinted windows, yellow and black hazard strip and of course the green bodywork paint scheme. The chromed wheel rims, rubber tyres, running boards and blue headlights all remain the same as does the little gap at the rear of the truck. In fact, this little rear gap seems to be a now unintentional trademark for MMC ? It’s presence on Backdraft, Girder, Terraegis and now Artifex is maybe leading me to this conclusion.

This musing aside there is one other difference on Artifex’s truck mode over Terraegis and that’s to be found on the underside of the front end. Two panels cover where the arms fold up into the front end cavity, these will fold out in robot mode and become the panels that we see behind “Hoists” arms.

Moving back to the towing gear and an arm folds down and splits so as to allow a selection of Autobot cars to be towed. Also on this section you can, if you wish, attach the two rocket / arm attachments to either side and thus adding an extra little detail to the mix.

He rolls well on the rubber and there is plenty of clearance to the underside and overall looks quite tidy and kibble free, he feels solid however there are some minor tab and panel gap issues.


I found Artifex easier to transform than his predecessor, this is more through a now familiarity with the sequence than a change to it. Obviously there are some slight changes mainly down to the forward arm panels and to the differing back end but these are superficial as the main sections move much as how Terraegis’s do.

Robot Mode

Once in robot mode and Artifex looks real nice, the colours suit him well and if I dare suggest, I think I may prefer him slightly over Terraegis. The varying sculpt differences make him look different enough from his predecessor not to be classified as just a straight up repaint, as was the case with his G1 counterpart.

Aside from the new head sculpt the differences are mainly to the forearms and thighs. They are more cylindrical and also a little shorter which gives him the height deficit in line with the character, it’s not much mind you but it is there. The chest section still has the collapsible feature but for the character in mind it’s not of much use, also the towing mechanism to his back is less bulky and so give him a leaner profile.

Staying with the arms and the hands can be removed to facilitate the attachment of some of the accessories. This is done by pulling out a small tab on the underside of the forearms to allow the hands to come away, you can then insert either one or both of the chromed nozzles and likewise for the hammers. However, remember to put the small tab back in or gravity will take over and they’ll fall right out.

All the same die-cast components are present as are the articulation points, these afford a good range of movement and ability to strike some good poses. All joints are tight and things tab in where they should, my only observation would be the panels that attach to the upper arms, they do not tab in anywhere so just kind of free float and get in the way when moving.

Final Thoughts

What can I say about Artifex, to quote my comments regarding Terraegis; “This is a good mold, nice details, lots of die-cast and great pose ability”. I know, I’m repeating myself but what holds true for the former more than certainly applies for the latter … it’s a bloody good figure.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about Artifex, at a push I suppose I could say the wheels tend to be a little loose on the tabs in truck mode, some minor tab and panel gap issues and the floating arm panels get in the way but that’s about it.

He’s a good quality solid figure with a great paint scheme free from marks and blemishes. Benefiting from tight joints and good articulation to provide a wide range of pose ability along with die-cast in the right areas to help keep him balanced. A good selection of accessories means there will be something for everyone to use even if I myself will just stick to the basics, me and my lack of imaginative play !

Overall Mastermind Creations continue to release well designed and realised figures, they bridge that gap or fill the void left by Takara with characters they have not as yet gotten around to, but do so in a style that makes them fit in and not look out of place.


Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, figures reviewed are available online via their website.

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