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Did anyone happen to catch my review for MP-29 Laserwave ? No ! Cool, then please proceed and enjoy. However, if you did read that previous review then one or two things may seem a little ‘familiar’, I’d appreciate you not reporting me to myself for a slight bit of plagiarism….



Small Talk

If one colour is synonymous with the Decepticons then that colour is purple and it’s a colour that Shockwave has the majority share of. I was pleased when Takara announced that Shockwave would be getting the Masterpiece treatment, however I was even more pleased when news broke that we would be getting a ’toy’ accurate colour release, this is MP-29+.



Cardboard and Gubbins

Out of the box and MP-29+ Laserwave is again in his laser gun mode, packaged with all of the same accessories which were included with MP-29, these are; alternate hands and gun, a miniature version of himself in gun mode and a stand which doubles as storage for the accessories or a back-pack when in robot mode. Rounding out these is the usual instruction sheet and collector card although this time round Takara have not included a sticker sheet with some Decepticon insignias on it, instead these are already tampographed onto his forearms.



Tooled Up

Laserwave’s gun mode has the same nice weight and stability to it as before, the hand grip remains a little small with very little clearance to the trigger. There are quite a few gaps and spaces, the worst being at the rear of the gun where the sound toggle switch would be on the G1 toy. These points aside overall it’s a great alt mode, what makes it even better is the light function. The trigger activates an LED in the end of the gun barrel, with a selector switch on the side to change between two light modes. Sadly though Takara have not carried over the sound function, it would have been a nice extra to have but it’s omittance is in no way detrimental.



From One to the Other

Transforming from gun to robot mode and we are again in familiar territory, the sequence is pretty much like for like to the G1 toy. The two major differences; the gun barrel is part of the figure as a whole (not detachable) and the rear section of the gun forms the inner part of the lower legs.



You’re Him Aren’t You

Once in robot mode all those gaps and spaces from gun mode disappear and what’s left is an amazing looking figure, true to both the animation model (in looks) and G1 toy (in colour). With this being a straight re-colour of the previous mold, MP-29+ is again similar in size to his G1 namesake. I suppose Shockwave benefits from being one of those Transformers where their animation model and toy model are not that dissimilar, which must have been an immense help to the designers when considering him for the masterpiece line, no headaches of having to find the compromise between the two.



Laserwave has many points of articulation but for some reason poses seem limited, how much of that is down to the figure or to me struggling to think of ways to pose him, who knows but to my memory Shockwave hasn’t a history of being big on action dynamic. He tends to look more at home in static stances.



You need hands, or many hands make light work ! There are various sets of hands with Shockwave; one set is almost an animation style (a dark lilac colour) whilst the second set is more inspired by the G1 toy (translucent). There are also additional hands to allow for salutes or to give Laserwave two functioning hands as opposed to one. They are good additions, giving the collector the option of choosing their favoured look, me personally I’ll be displaying with the translucent set (G1 toy style, all the way).



As with the gun mode in robot mode Laserwave has the light feature to his gun hand, the difference being that here it has only one setting, with the light pulsing. It’s effect is better with the translucent attachment, the solid colour gun channels the light so it’s only visible from the tip. Light piping remains also (hate it myself), although there has been a slight redesign for the eye.



Lets Leave it There Shall We

MP-29+ Laserwave is another great figure in the Masterpiece line, it’s just a shame that this scheme was released after the animation one, if I’d have known I may have held off in stead of getting MP-29.

However that said, I do fully expect for MP-29 mold to get another outing and my money is on a homage to the Toy Co. Astro Magnum (dark grey). It could be wishful thinking on my part, I certainly am a king of that, but it would be nice to see a recognition of where it all started for this figure.



Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Takara MP-29+ Laserwave is in stock as of time of writing and can be ordered by clicking here.

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