MMC Roadcrane, Girder & Terraegis … Triple Whammy !

The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

I’ll admit it, I’ve fallen behind somewhat on my reviews and the upkeep of the website. Christmas and New Year have been a mental and busy time here at the home that surrounds Vaults of Iacon.

This coupled with a close family member being taken suddenly ill earlier last week, my time and attentions have been diverted elsewhere.

There was a slight temptation to go back and read my review for Backdraft whilst preparing to do this one for both Girder and Roadcrane. With both being the same figure, albeit with a differing colour scheme and vehicular appendage to Backdraft, I figured that all three reviews would end up essentially the same. Then Terraegis turned up, and as chuffed to bits as I was I clearly did not have the time to sit and apply myself to three separate reviews.

So rather than go down the route of a full blown review for each of the three following figures, I’ll combine and present lots of nice photo’s with some comments interlaced, I hope you’ll forgive me this once and have the patience to indulge me.

Packaging & Accessories

Like a broken record that keeps on repeating the same part of that well worn song, I’ll go on record and say it again … I’m a box collector. My collection tends to remain boxed for the most part, with only a select few seeing very brief periods of being put on display. This is more a habit born of a lack of display space as opposed to a deeply rooted OCD-esque compulsion to keep all encased minty. Had I the space then I assure you that they would all be on show, however I don’t and I digress.

I continue to fully appreciate the design of the Perfection Series packaging. There’s a simplicity to it which evokes such a feeling of nostalgia in me that it’s hard not to find myself just staring at it for 20 minutes taking in the obvious inspirations from a merging of Diaclone and Generation 1 aesthetics.

The following images showcase the contents of the boxes along with their respective enclosed accessories.

Vehicle Mode

PS-05 Girder: Obvious plastic colour differences to distinct the character of “Grapple”, the flimsy ladder being swapped out for that chunky crane arm and the omission of the side mounted hose pipes, the die-cast stabilising legs remain. Girder has less chroming than Backdraft, which is understandable given his alt mode and it’s more industrial application in mind. Transparent plastic replaces the smoke tint for the windows and siren lights but grille and light detailing remains the same. Doors open to allow access to the cab area, this enables the Spike figure included with MP-10 to sit behind the wheel and drive. Inclusion of rubber tyres and lots of lovely die-cast give this mode a real sturdy old style toy truck feel … despite the panel gaps, let’s move on shall we.

PS-10 Roadcrane: Obvious plastic colour differences to distinct the character of “Road …”, whoa, De Ja Vu !!!

PS-06 Terraegis: Love it, neat and tidy but an odd gap to the rear ? Not a deal breaker as I tend to (when I do) display in robot mode rather than the vehicular one. The one thing that does strike me is the colour tone difference of the truckman top, not immediately noticeable in the pictures but it’s there. It’s almost a dark grey and this colour difference carries over onto the frame around the windscreen and the pillar to the rear of the door. Now two explanations for this I guess would be; it’s down to the quality of the paint application on the blue translucent plastic or it’s intentional, as in, intended to be that colour … the locations of this difference lean me towards it being intentional. These points aside, a solid car mode with nice detail, not too much in the way of panel gaps or unsightly kibble leave it looking clean. Rubber tyres always welcome and the die-cast running boards round out all I have to say on this mode.

Robot Mode

PS-05 Girder: If you caught my review of PS-03 Backdraft then there is little I can add to it for this look at Girder. Remaining a solid figure with a distinct feel of quality to it, the crotch plate issue has been rectified along with the shoulder joint gap too. Articulation remains the same, however I do believe the joints to be slightly stiffer than previously, all the same poses are achievable and hold well. Those hands are still not over keen on holding the gun but get the fingers just right and it’ll wedge in there, concealed arm hoses are not chromed this time round, moulded from the same black plastic as the hands for this release. Omitted from the robot mode are the white wing thingybobs that Backdraft has at the side of his head, replaced by red lights (or that’s what I think they are), which don’t really seem to do anything in either mode.

PS-10 Roadcrane: I’ll save you a little time, it’s exactly the same as Girder but green … oh wait, the arm concealed hoses are chromed on this figure.

PS-05 Terraegis: It is as if Trailbreaker himself has broken the fourth wall and stepped right from my T.V. and onto my desk. High praise I hear you say, especially considering that I’ve not gotten my paws on Speed Bump by Badcube. However for me the latter never looked quite right, hence my option on Terraegis. MMC have made him just so tidy and lean (one of the main factors in my preference of Backdraft over the official Inferno), there are no unsightly areas aside from the lower legs but even then I’m hard pushed to dislike them for it. Pose ability is good if a little cumbersome, this is more down to the stiff joints rather than any limitations or obstruction inherent in the mold. Was that a complaint about stiffness … nah, not me sir … not at my age anyhow. I’ll mention the torso collapsing, this was a big sell for me, the ability to have either trim or bloated was a nice addition. No question of how I have Terraegis styled with this option just know that when Artifex comes he’ll be a little in the tubby side.


PS-05 Girder: I do believe repaint fatigue is an actual thing, ask most collectors and they will probably agree. With that in mind I bet most of them would then go ahead and purchase those said repaints. I too am a known sucker for the odd repaint or two, however with Girder it somehow all feels fresh and new again, but maybe that’s just my bias for this mold. Girder does not bring anything new to the table, as a figure it repeats all that’s been before with Backdraft but it is none the worse for it.

PS-10 Roadcrane: I went through many thought processes for Roadcrane, first I wanted him then not. I figured if I got him then that part of me that occasionally twitches when something is not quite right would try talking me into hunting down the ehobby release to compliment it … so far I am 8 days twitch free.

My thoughts and feelings on this figure are pretty much the same as for Backdraft and Girder and which I’m sure of, will also be the same when they release their version of Artfire.

PS-06 Terraegis: This is a good mold, nice details, lots of die-cast and great pose ability. I know, I’m repeating myself from earlier but what more can I say, it’s a bloody good figure. There are a few points, paint tone was one I mentioned earlier and add to that the contradiction of some parts being loose (during transformation, mainly in the lower leg area) and then there’s the face. The face is a good sculpt it’s just with that gloss black colour it’s at times hard to see the expression but this is in no way the fault of the manufacturer, it’s just the look of the character.


I continue to be a fan of Mastermind Creations / Ocular Max and their output, for me they produce contemporary versions of the G1 toys I enjoyed as a 10 year old some 33 years ago. Sure, there are niggles here and there but that’s life, nothing so far as to put me off or go full keyboard warrior over social media. Nothing in life is perfect but they come close enough for me, to demand so will only result in disappointment, and this is something too many in the collecting community experience sadly.

All figures in this review are available from Kapow Toys Ltd and are (aside from Girder) in stock as of the time of writing.

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, figures reviewed are available online via their website.

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