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After reading back to myself the review I did yesterday for MS-01 Light of Freedom I realised there were one or two (maybe three or four) other points I wanted to make which I’d left out. So I’ll try to address those here, it also affords me the opportunity to post more pictures that I took that were cut from the prior review.

MP-36 Megatron

There is no denying that MP-36 is a nice figure and a marvel of engineering, worthy of some adulation. However for all it’s positives it does come with an almost equal amount of negatives. I’ll not go into those here but should you be intrigued about my thoughts, then please check out my review of him which is on the website.

So, why have I brought the subject of MP-36 up on a review of MS-01 ? Simply put, I don’t think they match together… but they aren’t supposed to. Well, no they aren’t as MP-44 will be the match for MP-36.

Until MP-44 is released some shelves may have Megatron displayed with MP-10 (or MS-01) in the short term, long term what happens for those that cannot afford MP-44 ?

MS-01 is ideal as I mentioned in filling the gap for those that cannot afford MP-44 but it highlights the point I have just outlined. And for people like me that may border on the side of OCD, when something doesn’t look right then it doesn’t look right.

Now personally I feel this is a good opportunity for someone, even Magic Square themselves, to address this and give us a Megatron that more closely fits with MS-01’s aesthetic.

The door is unlocked, waiting for someone to step through and deliver.

The Matrix

MS-01 like any Optimus Prime wannabe must come with a Matrix of Leadership, it’s a given. The Matrix we are presented with here is not bad, it’s a nice re-style of what we normally see. It was something my son said to me last weekend, he said; “it’s okay but its not gold, its bronze”. My son has various versions of Optimus Prime in his toy box, the main two he keeps returning to are MP-01 and the Power of the Primes release. The latter having a yellow Matrix so I assume he more associates with the one contained in MP-01. As I considered what he said I actually found myself preferring this bronze / copper look. I started to think it had a more “lived in” look about it, more realistic. I mean, this is a thing that is passed around from leader to leader over time, it’s valuable but also functional and in that functionality why use materials that are overly ornate. I call to mind Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it would not be made of gold … that’s the cup of a carpenter etc. Something magnificent hidden by its ordinariness, something in disguise much like it’s bearer.

Long winded I know but felt I wanted to get it put down none the less, in short I think it’s a good Matrix, which leads me onto my next point.

Matrix Chamber

Oh dear, I think Magic Square may have dozed off here. Now I know it does what it needs to do, house the Matrix but there is no style to it. It sorely lacks any detail, when so much work has gone into all other aspects around it. Two chunks of translucent amber plastic bookend the Matrix when in-situ but that’s about it. It’s not a deal breaker, in fact I find myself not inclined to knock any points off because of it but I did want to draw attention to it for the purposes of the review.


I did state in the main body of the review that the lack of die-cast was not an issue, it still is  not but I wanted to elaborate on what I said. It’s not an issue for me but saying that, a little more would not have gone amiss. Maybe the smoke stack would have been nice, the radiator grill, wheel rims or even part of the feet. What I’m saying is that what you don’t have you don’t miss, however we can dream and imagine and with that then maybe there would have been a more premium feel to this figure. I’m sure it would have raised the price point for its inclusion but it would still have been good value for money.


I grow weary of most re-paints, in more recent times I do. There was a time when I was a full on re-paint junkie, couldn’t get enough of them. Now I exercise more restrain, more selectiveness (my restrain is being tested by the tease of a black Toyworld Constructor).

That said, I hope and would welcome at least two re-paints from Magic Square for this mold; they are of course Ultra Magnus and Nemesis Prime. I think these two colour schemes would look great on this mold, especially Nemesis with those red eyes and windows with splashes of teal here and there. Ball’s in your court Magic Square.

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Magic Square MS-01 Light of Freedom is in stock as of time of writing and can be ordered by clicking here.

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