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Okay, so right about now you were probably expecting my review for Badcube Huff 2.0 right ? Seeing as though I did say that it would be coming this weekend, actually the weekend just gone that is. Well it is still coming but it’s been delayed due to me picking up a Cubex Huff which should arrive mid week. I’d hoped to have picked one up before getting to the review but, well I’ll get to all that when I upload that review.

We are here for PS-06R Terraegis Rally, the beautiful “yellow bastard” as I have fondly come to refer to him by. Another TFCon exclusive from Ocular Max this time for Toronto 2017, Terraegis sports this amazing yellow paint scheme replete with rally inspired decals. Now I’m not going to go in depth with this review as I have already reviewed this mold twice before, the original Terraegis and Artifex. At this stage I have nothing more to add to what I said in both those so if you’d like finer details then go check them out. I’ll post a link to them both later on.

So I’ll do a few galleries and then add some narrative part way through.

Packaging & Accessories

Vehicle Mode

Rally’s vehicle mode is lush, the paint scheme and the rally “kibble” suit the mold perfectly. It’s a quality paint application with no marks or overspray anywhere and the addition of the “badges” really set it off. These badges at first look like they maybe just the usual reworked real life logos used on actual rally cars. But when inspecting closer they are actually “adverts” if you will for MMC & Ocular Max’s products and team / staff members. I’ll not spoil any further than that, don’t want to take the enjoyment from you in looking for them all.

Usual Rubber tyres with a spare on the back (which can be removed), solid feel and good weight makes this mode really nice to the point that had I not intended to review I would have quite happily left it in vehicle mode.

Robot Mode

Before I transformed Rally I felt a little unease regarding the paint application. I thought that maybe by transforming him that it may mark, scuff or chip. I sat at my desk with him in my hand for the longest time but then I thought b*llocks to it, what happens will happen. With my usual care and attention once in robot mode I noted that my fears were unfounded, no marks or scuffs at all, a solid and tough paint application that withstood the process.

Robot mode and Rally stands as tall as the standard Terraegis and just a little taller than Artifex. Has the same chest gimmick but unlike the former he come with his alt head in place and not the animation accurate one. No surprise as he has been marketed with this head in place and I have to say for this mold and scheme it looks better for it.

The reds, silvers and that mellow yellow look glorious together in this mode, it’s a nice balance that does not displease. Cutting a lean silhouette nothing looks out of place, all clips where it should, joints are tight and the backpack looks awesome.

Final Thoughts


In closing, to quote my comments regarding Terraegis; “This is a good mold, nice details, lots of die-cast and great pose ability”. I know, I’m repeating myself but what holds true for the former more than certainly applies for the latter … it’s a bloody good figure.

I don’t have anything bad to say about Rally, he looks amazing in both modes. What attracted me to this figure was memories of my early childhood and die-cast cars. In the late 70’s there was a line from toy car makers Polistil, an Italian firm I believe. Anyway, they made a line of 1:18 scale rally cars which looked brilliant. All deco’d up with livery and dirt effects. Take 5 minutes to Google them, they are awesome. At a push were I to have a gripe it would be minor, it would be that the dirt effect was not carried forward on to the production model like we saw on the prototype. However as I write Ocular Max have revealed PS-06O Off Road, a white version of the Rally mold which does have the dirt in place ….. and yes, I’ll be having one of those.

He’s a good quality solid figure with a great paint scheme free from marks and blemishes. Benefiting from tight joints and good articulation to provide a wide range of pose ability along with die-cast in the right areas to help keep him balanced. A good selection of accessories means there will be something for everyone to use even if I myself will just stick to the basics, me and my lack of imaginative play !

Overall Ocular Max have released a well designed and realised figure but I would say that it’s definitely one for the variant collector, there is little appeal here to the person who is collecting G1 characters.

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Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Ocular Max PS-06R Terraegis Rally can be Ordered by clicking here.

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