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The Vault Keeper


As of writing this review there were two gaps to fill in the MP Minibot ranks, Windcharger and Cliffjumper. Now if I look to my left whilst sat here at my desk I can see Ace Toys Tumbler, however I think we can all agree that he was never going to be a permanent resident on the shelf. In fact I’m already contemplating his demise, I just need to decide if I am going to sell or offer him as a prize for a competition to be held on the Vaults of Iacon Facebook Page, watch this space. So, to be clear I didn’t rate Tumbler and I don’t fancy X-Transbots Boost (now’s the time Ocular Max, now’s the time).

With all the above in mind, when MMC announced Hellion I was understandably curious and very interested, (I will admit to having a little bias regarding their product, they happen to tick all my tickle boxes). So an order was placed and time was allowed to pass with anticipation and patience. Fast forward to last Thursday (13th Sept) and the little fellow arrived, great scott !


Packaging & Accessories


He’s so tiny ! The box is on the small side with Hellion slotted in there nice and snug. The usual, in car mode in a two part clam with baggie of accessories and instructions. Box art follows what has been seen in the past, nothing new but that suits me fine as I’m a big fan of the look, however I would have liked the box window to have been a little larger. Accessories include; two alt heads (scowl look & shouty look), two differing guns, one big bloody gun, four wheel mounted ski’s, one alt bumper attachment, two bonnet (hood) panels with one that has a hole in and one angled gun to slot into that hole. All are supplied as per references to items seen in various episodes of the cartoon, which is nice but I tend not to use them. The instructions are clear and straight forward, collector card is there as is the techspec decoder. I’ve included a link below of the transformation video as provided by Mastermind Creations via their YouTube channel.



Anyway, let’s get on shall we.



Vehicle Mode



I mentioned he’s tiny right ? Well this vehicle mode is glorious, I absolutely adore it. The super deformed look is back, not seen since the days of the original G1 Minibots and their Penny Racer styling. Based as we all know upon a Porsche 924, Hellion has all the detail there for it to be recognized instantly, even for non car nuts. The paint application is good, even with no blemishes and the match to the plastic is great. Translucent blue windows are nice along with the head lights and rear lights (tail lights), which also rendered in translucent plastic. Another big bonus for me are the rubber tyres, this is where Takara keep dropping the ball for me, they are a must on an MP figure. Another interesting addition are the opening doors which reveal inner details like seats, gear stick and a steering wheel. All great additions but are they unnecessary ? That’s up to you to decide (I did have an issue with my steering wheel forever popping off). Just a point of note; the interior is not big enough for the Spike figure that comes with MP-10 to fit in, although I do believe that the figures that come with the rebooted Diaclone line do. Another issue I had aside from the steering wheel was a really tight fit for the front bumper attachment and the two panels for the bonnet. In the end I needed to trim the pegs slightly to get them to fit better, not a fault but more down to the paint application being a little too thick on these smaller items.



Robot Mode


Once you have your Hellion in robot mode you’ll notice that the diminutive vehicle mode has developed into this robot mode that is a match for MP Bumblebee, Cliff was packing some extra length under the bonnet. Jokes aside he fits in line scale wise well, not looking out of place one bit. In fact I’d say his proportions are better than ‘Bee’s and far superior to Tumblers, having a lean profile which I’ve come to rely on from MMC (OX). The paint to plastic colour match carries forward into this mode and I noticed quite late on that the shoulders, hands and waist are actually a very deep burgundy colour, just old eyes I guess. Articulation is served well here, lots of it along with a nice ab crunch which seems to now be the norm as opposed to a rarity. Being a small figure you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d need to handle with kid gloves but you’d be wrong. Hellion is small but he’s tough and sturdy, at no point did I feel I would break him, all the joints and moving parts feel to have a good tolerance. Another plus for Hellion is the face sculpts, all are clean and defined, no over paint or bland looks.

I popped another video link in below. There have been a few reports of some Hellion’s having loose pins on the sliding leg joints. The video, from Mastermind Creations, shows how to fix this and also give further details should you not be able to.




Below are a few close up shots of some of the details to be found in robot mode. Astro Boy had Machine Guns in his butt, Hellion has a Steering Wheel !



Hellion & Friends


Just a few fun shots with some official and other 3rd Party MP figures.



What Came Before


Going back to where it started, spending some time with G1 Cliffjumper, red and yellow versions.



That’s All Folks


Thanks for stopping by, hope you have enjoyed my musing on the new little guy on the block. But before I go, could we please have a yellow version people of Ocular Max ?



Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Ocular Max PS-09 Hellion can be ordered by clicking here.

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