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The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

For the record I’ll start by stating; I’m not a fan of Cosmos.

I vaguely remember him from the Marvel U.K. comics of the 80’s, Smelting Pool comes to mind but cannot be definite on it and as for the cartoon, well having never seen any of the Season 2 episodes as a child (thanks Timmy Mallett and Wacaday) I have no idea of his character from that medium. I did try watch an episode with him in prior to writing this review but I lasted all of about a minute, that was even fast forwarding* to his scene.

*Fast Forwarding; a term us oldies use in relation to VHS

So as you would expect when MP style Cosmos toys started to pop up I had all the enthusiasm of an asthmatic Sloth to suddenly break out into a sprint. They all looked rather stunt and chubby, much like the character I suppose, a space faring robo Fryer Tuck if you will. It was a no brainer and such an easy pass …… however.

Then Ocular Max released some images of their proposed take on Cosmos, I remember thinking; oh hello, now wait just a minute. My interest had been engaged, curiosity had called upon the cat, my juices were in mid flow ….. in a word I figured, why the hell not.

So with order placed and buyers remorse manageable, I awaited the chubby little bastard.

Packaging & Accessories

Nothing remarkable about the box, the standard Ocular Max fare; G1 & Diaclone inspirations are there. Good quality cardboard, nice mix of imagery and photos, see what’s in the box window and the smaller proportions befitting of the contents.

Cracking open the box and Omne (for t’was his name) is presented in his UFO guise sat quite snugly in a two-part clam. Also in there is a bag which contains a set of instructions, bio-card, tech spec reader, extra transformation instruction, blue panel, 4x small green grommets and 2x rear mounting (machine guns in my butt) guns.

Vehicle Mode

He’s heavy, no I’m not fat shaming he really is. It’s immediately apparent that Omne is packing some die-cast in his compact frame. The main upper disc is die-cast as is the front section which in robot mode will become the feet.

A flying Saucer, UFO or spaceship …. that’s the alt mode we are looking at here, can’t compare to any real world vehicle. Proportions are good, feels solid and the paint application is impeccable. Sure there is a slight colour variance between the painted die-cast and the plastic but I’m not going to go full retard over that.

Focusing on the upper section and we have two windows into what you could call Omne’s Bridge. On the bridge we have a tiny Blaster in the front and Bumblebee in the rear. Both these are static and have no movement whatsoever, I had looked at maybe changing Bee to the front but this is not possible. The front window can be covered up using the small blue panel that comes with the accessories giving Omne his classic Cosmos look.

Also at the front are two fold away guns, these flip up from the underside of the front section (his feet in robo mode). Going back to the rear and two yellow plastic panels pop off to reveal inserts to which the two guns also from the accessories can be inserted. Flipping Omne over and he has three retractable landing feet / legs. These are quite stiff to get out and one is less than fortunately placed when transformed into robot, I’ll let you use your imagination for that one.

Not a lot of detail happening here but at times I like this less is more approach, the colour scheme is right on and what panel lines are there are sufficient. Just to note; those little green grommets (4 No.) that come in the bag, if you desire, are used to cover up a couple of screw holes on the front side sections.


I had a look through the instructions and then headed over to YouTube to view the official transformation instructional video; here’s the link.

It’s not a bad transformation, quite straightforward but a couple of things that pisses me right off.

One is the slide chest panels, they don’t really lock into place so can move out of position when handling. They are a two part slide, the fore chest and the side chest to where the arms are attached, which leads me on the second point. The shoulder joints; they are a double rotation thing which isn’t really stiff enough so rotates round of it’s own free will when moving the arms. This can cause articulation of the shoulder to be restricted if they come out of alignment.

Other that these two point it’s all good …… just make sure to remove the blue panel before collapsing the chest section or ping and it’s launched halfway across the room.

Robot Mode

Robot mode is where it’s all happening for Omne, he cuts a much leaner silhouette than the other 3P offerings to date. A signature trade mark for Ocular Max and one I heartily approve of, for me this looks much better than his official appearances.

Complimenting this more slender frame is a plethora of articulation, yeah I’ve been at the dictionary again, so what. He has more joints than that dude from Pineapple Express and can strike more poses than Madonna with the horn on.

Head is on a ball joint, problematic double swivel shoulder joints with pivot outwards, double jointed elbows that have a rotation on them, abb crunch, rotate waist, rotate and pivot upper thighs, double joint knees and forward / backward and side tilt ankles. Hands rotate at the wrist and have individual jointed fingers & thumb with the index finger having another knuckle joint so he can do pointy pinkey.

Having the die-cast makes him quite stable which benefits the articulation with good balance when posing. Again the colours and paint scheme does not disappoint, aside from the size variance he looks very much like his animated counterpart.

Omne does not come with a weapon but his hands have the standard slot which allows him to hold Backldrafts gun, much better I must say than what Backdraft himself does.

So, have the more maturity challenged ones amongst you found his unfortunate “happy” option !

Final Thoughts

I don’t assume the perfect figure exists, all have their flaws and faults but I think due to me have zero expectations for this toy I was completely caught off guard. It’s compact and cute and exudes character even though I could not tell you anything about the character he is a representation of.

A good friend pointed out that he felt that Omne reminded him of a proper old style Chogokin saucer toy from the late 70’s, and I have to agree, he has that lovely old school vibe to him.

The panel thing bothers me, but only in the moment of focusing on it, once past this and the little chap takes me to a place where it’s forgotten and forgiven. I think what I’m trying to say is that it’s the small things that make us smile or bring us pleasure.

I’m still not a fan of Cosmos but I tell you, I’ve taken quite a shine to Omne.

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Ocular Max PS-11 Omne can be Ordered by clicking here.

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