Ocular Max Remix RMX-06 Furor & RMX-07 Riot

The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

Rumble is red !

There, I said it. So now you know where I’m coming from we can get on with this gallery review.

I’ve had these two mischievous little buggers for just a little under 2 months now (I’ve told you how behind I am right ?), and we are getting along great. I make no attempt to disguise the fact that I’m a big fan of Ocular Max and Mastermind Creations. So far their output for the Perfection Series line has been well received and now these land in the Remix line, keeping up that standard. I missed out on Jaguar sadly and had little to no interest in Volture & Buzzard, mainly due to their size which ironically is what drew me to these two.

Now due to my opening statement the gallery will mainly focus on RMX-07 Riot but as you will now be fully aware, aside from the obvious colour differences, they are completely identical even sharing the same accessories.

Both arrive in a nice “cardboard” box, no spangle or bling, just good old plain cardboard with black lettering. Inside are plastic trays (with a lid), these trays hold both Riot & Furor inside a cassette box in tape mode along with their varying accessories.

I like the battery operated pile drivers but as yet have not actually used them, this is down to batteries and not laziness …. well, the laziness of not ordering some batteries. The rock formation base is nice, very useful when using the pile drivers and makes a good overall display piece. Two guns and a spare head each round out these accessories.

The usual bio card and instructions, these fold out from the cassette box, much like back then when listening to your favourite album and reading the lyrics. Also included is a sticker sheet with labels on to make the tape mode look more realistic, a nice touch considering the alt modes actual 1:1 scale.

Transformation is simple with no surprises, a mix of plastic and die-cast give them a good feel in hand and also afford a good range of articulation.

So far I would have to say that my only negative point would be the faces, they are not bad it is just they look a bit bland, no real detail or definition to them.

*I just remembered, my other gripe would be that Furor does not have a “frenzy sound effect” attachment, so I made one for him. It’s shit I know but it is a working prototype, I’ll get around to making a better one at some point.

These two points aside, for me they are two really good figures and worthy compliments to your MP Soundwave.

As you will see from the following images, they look so much better than the ones from Takara / Hasbro.

I think we know which ones Soundwave prefers …

Well, that’s it from me, short and sweet I know. All that remains are the obligatory “humorous” photo’s before the thank you’s & self promotion.

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Ocular Max RMX-06 & RMX-07 can be Ordered by clicking here.

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