Spark Toys ST-02 Spartacus

Spark Toys came out of nowhere with their release of ST-01 Alpha Pack, their take on the War Within interpretation of Orion Pax. It was an amazing figure and surprisingly good for a first time out, most 3rd Party companies take some bedding in but not Spark Toys. Sure it had one or two weaknesses but nothing major enough to draw out any harsh criticism.

Having Alpha Pack on the shelf, most collectors minds then began to wonder when we would see a Megatron to place besides him. We didn’t need to wait too long, as If I recall correctly Spark Toys pretty much told us he was on the way along with Grimlock. Yes that’s right, our favourite character down here in The Vault, Grimlock in all his Cybertronian Bad-Assery. But I get ahead of myself, focus on the task, or should I say “figure” in hand. Spark Toys ST-02 Spartacus. The second release form them has not disappointed, Spartacus is a leap forward from where we were with Alpha Pack. To borrow from a well known film, if Alpha Pack was up to 10 then Spartacus goes up to 11.

Now no review here as there are plenty out there already for him, just a gallery of images to look over, so please enjoy.

Packaging & Accessories

Vehicle Mode

Robot Mode


Final Thoughts

ST-02 Spartacus is a great figure, solid and sturdy and more than worthy of a place on your shelf. This newcomer (Spark Toys) to the block is standing toe to toe with other more established companies and in some cases beating them. It’s nice to have a representation of our favoured characters in their Cybertronian forms, sure I know there are others out there but not this style and in my opinion, from a story line (and comic publisher) sadly ended too soon.

If you don’t have this figure then in all honesty, you’re missing out, get your wallet out and I promise you won’t regret it.

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Spark Toys ST-02 Spartacus can be Ordered by clicking here.

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