Takara Masterpiece MP-03G Starscream Ghost Ver.


I managed to pick up Masterpiece Starscream Ghost Ver. a couple of weeks ago. Since my acquisition, I have been having a jolly old time playing around with him. Now comes the time to put pen to paper and line up the camera for a few tasty shots, will the words come to me ? More importantly will I be the first person ever to actually capture a ghost on film ?


So yeah, it took me a good old while to finally pick this figure up. Why ? I’m not sure, I cannot remember actively avoiding the purchase. Maybe at the time of release I was focussing my priorities elsewhere. Originally released way back in 2010, which was 4 years after the original MP-03 and only 2 years before the release of MP-11 ! It may have been seen by some as a last gasp from this mold before moving forward with the revised one of MP-11 (which actually came first). Regardless, as of writing this blog up it sure feels a lot longer than that, I must be getting old.

This figure gives us the representation of Starscream in his ethereal presence, after his demise (at the time) at the hands of Galvatron. Who as we know is the reformatted version (by Unicron) of Megatron……if you don’t know this by now then follow the signs to the nearest exit please. Starscream would return 3 more times to entertain us with his machinations, all of which were as successful as Wile E. Coyote’s. The first two post movie appearances would be in the third season of the animated series and his final one, however pre-dating his first two would be in Beast Wars. If you follow this timeline then I suppose that is one way of looking at it, I don’t as Beast Wars was after my time or should I say during my Transformers “hiatus”. For me Starscreams animated exploits have him still drifting through space.

I’m not going to go into great details here, it’s not a review, more a few brief words to accompany some shots I took. Everything you’d expect from Takara presentation and packaging wise is here as always and in the same tried and tested format. MP-03G comes with all the same accessories as his standard version counterpart along with the same booklet, collector card and decal sheet. There are some tweaks to the artwork on the enclosed booklets, to reflect his current apparition.

Out the box and Starscream is in that gorgeous jet fighter mode, this is where the MP-03 mold trumps the current MP-11 one. The designers intention to give as accurate a jet mode as possible really shines through, much like the light through this toy. All the same features and gimmicks are again present here, from the radar dish in the nose-cone to the engine panel flaps at the rear.



Transformation to robot mode is not a complicated affair, however for the first timer it can be on the fiddly side, I personally find it easier to detach certain part when doing so. I had someone ask me regarding the plastic quality, was there a feeling at any point it would break or stress. I assured them that the quality was good, I could be wrong but it has a feel of maybe a (very small) percentage of rubber in the mix. It’s not a “sharp” feeling plastic and as such handles well, however I would say that were you to be heavy handed then yes, breakages may be experienced or at the least some stress marking.

Robot mode is on the disappointing side when compared to the jet mode. All that kibble distracts and unbalances the figure making it very limited on pose-ability. The MP-11 is an improvement over this one, it reduces the kibble and increases (ever so slightly) the pose-ability, however at the cost of the jet mode. The addition of the stand adds a little dynamic but not really enough to compensate for the molds limitations.

So to conclude, having waited all this time to pick up Ghost Starscream was it worth it and am I satisfied with my purchase. In a word, yes. Sure its not the best of molds for various reasons, it has pose-ability issues, there are panel gaps and it’s kibble abundant but casting it in the translucent plastic has raised this “old” mold to a new level. On this level previous sins can be forgiven, shortcomings glossed over because for me anyway, clear plastic is a gateway to collecting heaven, surely the destination of choice for any ghost whether it be human or Cybertronian.





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