Takara Masterpiece MP-14+ Alert Anime Colour Edition


I must confess to being more than a little bemused as to the reasons for this release, it seems quite superfluous in hindsight. I can only surmise it is an expensive accessory for the upcoming release of MP-33 Inferno, an accessory to compliment an accessory included with Inferno. I of course speak of the torso attachment that allows Inferno to carry (Red) Alert “Whitney Houston” style a la The Bodyguard.

Unperturbed I shall head on into this blog/review with all the enthusiasm of a collector not suffering from repeat mold release burn out. I concede it will be hard not to conduct the following without drawing comparisons to the original release of MP-14 Alert, more so in light that I never produced a review for the latter.

I have included photos of both figures together for reference but will attempt to keep the comparisons to a minimum and allow you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions as to your preferences.

Box, Presentation and Accessories

Nothing new , the usual maintained standard from Takara. Masterpiece style box, figure presented in a clam shell with accessories and a baggie containing the instructions and collector card.

Accessories include; rifle, shoulder mounted missile launcher and electric spark head attachment.

These accessories much like the figure sport the new paint palate, a lighter shade of red plastic with the grey painted rear section of the shoulder mounted launcher. The electric spark attachment this time round is a translucent orange rather than the blue of the prior release.

Vehicle Mode

The off –white / grey scheme suits the mold, and in all honesty, I believe any colour would. Even now after almost 4 years since it’s initial release with MP-12 Lambor, it’s still a great looking vehicle mode.

This time round though it’s plagued with panel gaps, more so than any previous release, maybe that is down to mold over use or the thicker high gloss paint application. Everything is where it should be, light bar, spoiler etc… Lesser detailing omits the front and rear light clusters whilst underneath we see the “chief” lettering which will be more prominent on Alerts forearms in his robot mode.

Good clearance allows Alert to free wheel well if a little noisy on those continuing plastic wheels.


The transformation process is quite simple now compared to newer official and 3rd Party releases. A few twists and turns and its job done.

Robot Mode

As with the vehicle mode the grey really shines through on this release, it does not make the figure look as drab as it sounds. A mixture of painted parts with coloured plastic balances well, the aforementioned paint application being of a good standard this time out on the figure to hand. To emulate the animation model Alert Anime Ver. Has the “chief” detailing on the forearms (as previously mentioned), along with the same grey application to the faceplate.

Articulation remains the same as previous, it has it’s pro’s & con’s but for me it adequately achieves the poses I require it to do.

I’ve read one or two comments about the head sculpt and I agree in that Takara going to the trouble of releasing this in the cartoon accurate colours it would not have been much of an ask to provide a remoulded head.

Closing Up

I don’t dislike this figure, more I dislike what it potentially represents. After completing this blog (but before publishing), I did a little digging around and found that this release is the first in an intended new sub line of “animation” accurate representations. All I have to say about that is …. bugger !

Look, if you don’t have an MP-14 Alert then yeah, give it a go as it’s a cheaper way of getting an official release of the character. If you do have MP-14 already then is there anything here that warrants the double dip ? Honestly, no, not unless you are a complete-ist or have more of an appreciation for the cartoon look over the toy look.

Takara set out the Masterpiece line as a fair balance of toy and character, recently I have seen the balance seeming to favour more the character. This in itself isn’t an issue, however for me I prefer the more toy accurate look of the older MP’s, or should I say the more modern realisation of these toys we grew up with.

Well, that’s my say and I shall pack up my soapbox in good cheer and leave you with some group shots of Alert with his brethren. Keep an eye out for my MP-14+ Alert hitting a sales page near you soon, I cannot get drawn into another sub line !

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, figures reviewed are available online via their website.

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