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“I have to get these done” is the thought that has been rattling around my head for the past couple of weeks. Lots of things have been going off in the real world that have kept me away from The Vault of late. The end is in sight though and normal (what’s normal) service should be resumed. So in that hope, here are the first steps into the light at the end of the tunnel.

This gallery review is for the hugely impressive OmegaDrone-1 from Wei Jiang. A brief background info; I have little to no interest in the character of Omega Supreme or the Guardian Robots to which he is affiliated to. However … when I noticed the various offerings of an MP style version of this character I immediately was drawn to Ultima Guard. There was something about the figure that made me curious enough to buy it and add it to my collection. I was understandably hesitant and had a degree of buyers remorse (I’d done it before and am sure I will do it again), that is buying that one figure you know you shouldn’t but still do anyway. Regardless of this he arrived and straight out of the box my anxieties were well and truly dispelled. Now it was obvious that Ultima would get a repaint, as sure as night follows day. The question was when and thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long. And so, in keeping with my perpetual knack of getting into situations I’m not overly sure of I went and hit that buy button again. I got away with it again, here’s why.

Packaging & Accessories

How large is that box ? It’s a big one for sure and it’s filled with plastic goodness encased in some nicely pungent polystyrene. Once cracked open and all the same accessories that accompanied Ultima are present.

Instruction Booklet (with battery installation guide)

Bio Card

‘Bones’ character

Rocket Stand

Blast / Flame Effect

Alt face …. oh wait a minute !

Yeah, alt face is in there for that cycloptic look (not pictured as I installed it immediately)


Base / Rocket & Tank Mode


Whilst we never see the Guardian Robots transform in the cartoon (not that we should assume they do), OmegaDrone-1 of course does. Like Ultima it’s a large footprint when all set out, motorized space tank trundles around the track protecting the space rocket and launch base. I opted to place my launch base in the top left corner but you are free to position yours where you like, although as an alternative may I suggest the bottom right. Please note, the space rocket is not a flying toy.


Robot Mode


You remember that huge box I mentioned earlier ? Well the reason it’s so big is because this chap is a big’un. Measuring in at roughly 2 feet tall he’s on par with good old Fort Max, whatever happened to him ? Now for a big figure Omega / Ultima has more articulation than they should and more impressive is that it all works and holds very, very well. His size and weight do not diminish the effectiveness of any of the joints. Satisfying clicks and clunks when man handling the various limbs (4 in total, 2 arms & 2 legs) please your audio receptors in a quality and not bum twitching way. At no point did I feel or anticipate any breakages or stresses. While in robot mode we can make better use of those lights & sounds; lights are located in both hands … are they hands ?, the eyes of the head of choice and in the chest when the sounds are activated. Phrases are spoken, soundbites from what I assume to come from the cartoon, they are the same as what Ultima says anyway. Annoying countdown and rocket blast noise from the claw arm, batteries were removed swiftly mid way through taking photo’s. Let’s look at some pictures.




Were here already, that was brief wan’t it. The reason is that I got to thinking that most reviews for figures are, for want of a better word, ‘padded out’. There is a lot of waffle and meandering so I decided to ditch that and get straight to the point with both words and pictures.

OmegaDrone-1 is bad for the reasons he is big, lumpy and cumbersome and although he has lots of articulation he does not like to be dynamic. He also has nothing new to say, literally because of the re-use of the Ultima sound chip. Kinda like what Takara did for Masterpiece (MP-36) Megatron when they chucked in the same sound chip from their e-hobby reissue of D-62S Galvatron … it’s true. And finally the palming off of the same accessories, lazy.

OmegaDrone-1 is good for the reasons he is big and does not need to strike an action pose, he can just stand there and be all looming and intimidating. He can also have nothing to say by avoiding putting batteries in him and you can also ignore the accessories by leaving them in the box. But best of all is that colour scheme, it just looks so good and suits this mold way better than Ultima’s greys & oranges, in fact I go so far as to say that OmegaDrone-1 makes Ultima Guard look like a knock off or at least the lazy re-paint. This brighter palette makes the molded details stand out more and extenuates the pre printed decals. While I’m gushing I’ll also mention the little details such as the abundance of molded details in places where there is no need for it, look at the pictures to see or better yet buy one and look for yourself. I also love the cyclops eye, which I still believe should have also been included with Ultima, c’mon Wie Jiang and make one in as a mail away thing (proof of purchase necessary, 12 robo points and a postal order for 75p).

My final words are these; if you missed out on Ultima and fancy getting this mold then pick up OmegaDrone-1, in fact forget Ultima and just get Omega as even though they are the same OmegaDrone-1 is cooler looking and has the one eye thing going on.

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, Wei Jiang NE-02D OmegaDrone-1 is in stock as of time of writing and can be ordered by clicking here.

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