When Size Matters – Gigapower Dinobots !

Here I’ve taken a few shots for a “very” brief gallery showcasing Gigapowers 2 Dinobots to date; HQ03R Guttur & HQ02R Grassor.

These are the Chromed versions, I opted for these over the Metallic ones as I like my Dino’s with a little bling, also they are the versions that more closely resemble the original G1 toys. And for anyone familiar with me and my output, this is where my love for these Robots in Disguise comes from, the original toys closely followed by the Marvel UK Comics.

I won’t bash the Fans Toys Dinobots, they look great and there has been some real positive feedback on them. My choice to go with Gigapower is solely down to their size, I like my Dinobots big. And in a 6000 SUX way, bigger is better … I love the way these guys scale with the official MP’s released to date.

Anyway, this being a post of few words I’ll get on with it; both are of good quality, there has been some joint issues noted but the ones here in hand seem to be okay. Lots of detailing and nice paint application make these guys look the part. Articulation is good but not great, which given their size and bulkiness is to be expected, anyone who has FT-10 Phoenix will understand this. I like the LED’s in the swords and guns, not so much in Grassors head but it’s an okay option for some I suppose. Transformation sequence for both is pretty straight forward (quite close to their G1 counterparts in fact), no bum clenching hesitation required as all joints are suitably tight but not stiff to the point of potential breakage. Dino-modes and Grassor has the edge on Guttur when it comes to pose-a-bility, Guttur kinda just stands there. Robot-mode and it’s the other way round, I find Gutter a little better to pose than Grassor, maybe it’s the kibble on Grassors legs that does it ? Besides, the Dinobots just need to stand there don’t they, looking all big and intimidating.

As for accessories both come with a blaster, sword, smoked plastic attachments for some of their chromed areas as well as rocket launchers and an alternate head. Nice big packaging with styro inserts, comprehensive instructions but no collectors cards like what we see with other 3rd Party figures.

Right, on with the (few) pictures


HQ03R Guttur (Snarl)


HQ02R Grassor (Slag)

Group Shot

Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, all figures reviewed and pictured here were purchased via them upon initial release (some are still available and can be viewed by clicking here).

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