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The Vault | September 29, 2018

Optimus Prime – Power of the Primes

A couple of weeks ago whilst I was pottering around in The Vault, my very own Mini-Bot popped in clutching his POTP Optimus Prime.

The Vault | August 9, 2018

When The Transformers Went 8-Bit

There are many things for me from my childhood that lend to moments of nostalgia, however the two main ones are The Transformers (obviously) and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. So for me way back in 1986 it was divine that these two loves crossed paths the way they did, or was it.

The Vault | July 17, 2018

Generation 1 Instagram Images

As with the Ocular Max images from our previous post, I made a start posting images of my G1 figures to Instagram too. So far I’ve made my way through the […]

The Vault | July 11, 2018

Featured Images – July

For July’s images I thought I’d showcase some old Generation 1 artwork taken from the myriad of storybooks, hope you enjoy them. Please Follow and Like Us:

The Vault | March 14, 2016

Knock it Off will you !

….or, Don’t Knock it (Off) until you’ve tried it. I have a selection of knock off’s in my collection ! Now, there are some who would convince me to feel […]