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The Vault | January 19, 2019

Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock; 10 Years On…

Is Masterpiece Grimlock still King or just a Bozo ? 2019 marks 10 years since Takara released Masterpiece Grimlock, it’s also been 10 years of waiting for them to release […]

The Vault | April 20, 2018

Featured Images – April

Content has been somewhat lacking recently, the mundaneness of everyday life has been tying up just about all of my time of late, however there is hope and soon things […]

The Vault | March 14, 2016

Knock it Off will you !

….or, Don’t Knock it (Off) until you’ve tried it. I have a selection of knock off’s in my collection ! Now, there are some who would convince me to feel […]

The Vault | October 8, 2015

Masterpiece MP-10A – “BAPE” Convoy (KO)

Rather than cover old ground with my review of MP10A BAPE Convoy (KO Version), I figured I’d get straight into it as it was immediately apparent to me that it […]

The Vault | August 24, 2015

Masterpiece MP-10U – Ultra Magnus (KO)

KO Masterpiece Ultra Magnus based on the MP-10 Convoy (Optimus Prime) mold. He is presented in a matt black Masterpiece style box with plastic insert very much like the Takara […]