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Back in Black, Chaos and Mayhem with MP-08B, MP-09B & MP-10B

The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper


“… evil cannot exist without good.” Thomas Aquinas.

Being in quite a reflective mood lately, I’ve also been thinning down my collection somewhat. So I decided what better time to revisit some of the items I will be keeping and do all new galleries for them. I started with my previous post of MP-10 Mode “EVA” so seemed fitting to follow on from that by dusting off MP-10B and his other “dark” cronies.

The observant amongst you will note the custom Grimlock I did from 2 years ago, this is one of my best attempts to date and holds some significant meaning to me. It was a project I started following the passing of my Father, a good man from whom I learned a great deal of things and helped make me who I am today. Suffice to say that time spent on this project helped channel some of the thoughts & emotions of such a difficult time.

MP-10B is the initial release and not the more recent KO, also seemed apt timing as Takara have announced a re release of this stunning repaint. And finally we have MP-09B, I sourced this one some years after it’s original release as initially I was not too sure about him. Fortunately I was able to pick him up, along with MP-09 too, from a collector that was also having a trimming down at the time. He was purchased in the knowledge that the weak knees had gone but was no issue as I fully intended to obtain the die-cast knees.

Anyway, bringing us back to focus on this new set of pictures I present to you the harbingers of chaos & mayhem, instruments of destruction, back in black MP-08B, MP-09B and MP-10B.


MP-08B : Nemesis Grimlock

MP-09B : Black Rodimus Convoy

MP-10B : Black Convoy


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