Blackthorne Publishing

The Transformers in 3D

In 1987 Blackthorne Publishing released “The Transformers in 3-D”, a comic book series that ran separately from the Marvel Transformers comic book series.

Because they used gimmicks (like 3D), they could claim their products had no overlap with the Marvel Comics, and purchase a separate license from Hasbro.

The series had three issues, with 28 pages per issue. The comic was not widely distributed affording the collection to be a rare item. The series is set after The Transformers: The Movie era, featuring characters like Galvatron and Ultra Magnus.

Other characters included were Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Cosmos, Cyclonus, Razorclaw, Ratbat, Scorponok, Octane and the Quintessons. It also introduced a faction known as the Destructons, who later reappeared in BotCon fiction.

The Official How to Draw Transformers

The four issues in this series were written by Andrea LaFrance. With images based on pre-existing artwork including; The Transformers Universe profile images and package art modified and extended into instructional drawings by Dennis Francis.

Each issue included a section at the start covering some basic drawing principle followed by instructions on drawing characters in their robot and alternate modes. Though each issue suggested readers send in copies of pictures they had drawn, no one seems to have taken them up on their offer. Issue 4 shows no sign of being the last issue, so like Transformers in 3-D this series was presumably cut short.

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