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Hasbro 2014 Year of the Horse Optimus Prime

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Now the more regular of followers (and perhaps the eagle-eyed) will note that I did a Gallery for this figure back in April of last year (2016). This is true but I’d felt a compulsion to take another look as I wasn’t overly happy with those previous images. I had also been having a bit of a tidy and re-arrange here in the Vault and noted that he would soon be coming out of the box to fulfil his role as Santa-mus Prime. So with this in mind and not a great deal else to do that particular afternoon I set to it.

As a collector it is to be wholly expected that from time to time a re-paint will come our way, some more thick and fast than others and some for the better but most for the worst. Hasbro is a prime (pun not intended) candidate and suspect for this but Takara cannot be allowed off scot free either. However in front of the lens today is Hasbro’s re-paint of Optimus Prime marketed as “Year of the Horse Optimus Prime”, first released way back in 2014 to coincide with the Chinese New Year, which funnily enough happened to be the “Year of the Horse”.

This re-deco of the hugely successful MP-10 Convoy featured darker reds (I’d say crimson) and blues, gold chrome replacing the silver chrome, blacks and metallic blues for the main tractor section with the silver plastic of the trailer being replaced by a lush crystal translucent plastic with assorted translucent blue innards. Differing from the source material not only in colour scheme but also in that it omitted both Roller & Spike sadly. On paper and in initial official images it looked off and had no right whatsoever in working.

In my previous Gallery post I noted; “A much maligned figure, Year of the Horse Optimus Prime has drawn the much criticism due to it’s colour scheme, which I’ll admit upon initially hearing about I thought this could be hard on the eyes. This was not helped by the promotional images which didn’t do it any justice, however I took a chance and got myself one. When I got it in hand, I thought “You know that colour scheme that has no business or right to work….well it just does”.

It’s a very strange thing, a figure that a photograph just does not do justice to. Maybe the colours mess with the inner jiggery pokery of the camera or picture pixies come along and naff up the perception of it all, who knows ?

What I do know is that in hand this is a lovely piece of kit, every bit as much a quality build as other MP-10’s, I only hope my second lot of photo’s can somehow live up to the hype I’ve whipped up here.

On to the Gallery …

Vehicle Mode

The Trailer

Robot Mode

Odds & Sods

Year of the Horse Optimus Prime was originally purchased from Kapow Toys Ltd.

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