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Now as you may have noticed, for those who follow me here on the website or over the varying social media platforms, I don’t tend to review the newer lines of figures. This is in no way a reflection upon their place, relevance or quality, more because I have a very precise remit for my Transformers collecting.

At Christmas Santa Claus was kind enough to give my son the Generations Leader Class Jetfire. He immediately loved it, as would most 7 year old boys, and as soon as he had freed it from its cardboard prison he passed it to me and asked the oft repeated phrase “Daddy, can you transform him please?”.

Now I have only seen one of these once before in the “flesh” when a friend called by the Vault to show me it along with his Metroplex (yes, you Jay) when they first hit the stores. Initially I was just ‘whelmed, neither over or under so to speak.

Fast forward a few years to the ghost of Christmas 2015 and I have reassessed that view point, read on to see this dramatic turn around and the realisation of the error of my ways.


The packaging was nice, no issues there…….no photo as it was destroyed whilst excitedly removing Jetfire from it by my son, he’s a child it’s a toy, deal with it !



When first out of the packaging Jetfire is in his robot mode, with previous releases of Jetfire he has been

presented in his jet mode, that’s about as much of the history lesson you’re going to get, I’ll not retread old ground with the whole historical saga of the toy or character.

Anyway, first impressions, he’s a solid looking figure but I was surprised at how light he was. Maybe I’m just used to handling MP line figures, you know feeling the absence of the die cast. The other thing that assaults your eyes is the shiny red chroming of his attachments, not a fan I have to say. There are gaps (lots of

moulding gaps), but I have a lesser issue with this, I know a lot of other reviewers and collectors have pulled this figure up on this but for me I can let it slide as it does not distract from the overall aesthetic like the chroming does.






Joints are quite articulate and some good posing is achievable both with or without the armour accessories. Another nice touch I like is the inclusion of a removable face shield, a battle mask if you like. This gives the option of going for rather a G1 toy or cartoon look. The gun has a firing mechanism which shoots out a small black missile, I anticipate this being lost very quickly.

Transformation sequence from robot to jet mode is not too difficult, after a few minutes my 7 year old son had mastered it. I found from my attempts the fiddly part was moving the chest section over for jet mode and getting it in line to then fold down the clips, I have since mastered this……honest !





In jet mode Jetfire again looks great, sleek sharp lines, good amount of detail and a worthy homage to the original G1 mold. He can be used with either the armour pieces attached or not, I preferred with just the extra top mounted boosters. Wings sweep backwards and forwards, tail fins fold down and the front nose cone wheel fold out to assist landing…….oh and before I forget, the cockpit opens !

And for those of you who air on the side of caution and are safety minded, the nose cone is rubber so no eyes being gouged out, it’s good to know.

In closing (this is a Micromaster level Review after all), upon this second meeting with Generations Jetfire I have to say I like it, not a lot as Paul Daniels once told us but yes I do. Will I call Burt the Elf and see if I can get one, honestly no, I’ll just wait in the wings until my son bores of it or until he gets older and moves out and leaves all his toys behind…..muwaha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..


Thanks to Santa Claus, this figure reviewed is available via his toy workshop: (ask for Burt the Elf, tell him I sent you)

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