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MP-10 Convoy Mode “EVA” or “How I learned to stop getting suckered in by repaints and learned to love my wallet”

The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

Takara (and Hasbro) make it really easy for the fans to contract that most common of collectors ailments, repaint / redeco fatigue. In fact I would say that where the masterpiece line is concerned, Takara are excelling at it and look set to head into the stratosphere by re releasing some (if not all) previous releases in the name of “Anime Colours”. Well thank you Takara but no thanks, this is where I happily disembark, my cash nipple has been milked too much. So feeling empty and chafed I take solace in what I feel to be Takara’s best repaint to date, MP10 Cybertron Commander Convoy Mode “EVA”.

I’ve had this figure for 3 years now (it’s initial and only release to date) and am really surprised I’ve not done a review, let alone a gallery for it. Not surprising as at the time I had not taken the plunge into voicing my (humble) opinions of Transformers output at that time.

So, with no exposition or commentary here are a few shots of this beautiful figure, enjoy.

Packaging & Accessories

Robot Mode

Vehicle Mode


Thanks to Kapow Toys Ltd, MP-10 Convoy Mode “EVA” was originally purchased from them, I know it’s 3 years ago ….. and yes, it’s out of stock !

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