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Tie in Merchandise: Books Full of Colour

The Vault Keeper

The Vault Keeper

Another avenue for merchandising during the 80’s was the Colouring Book.

Armed with your best felt tip colouring pens*, a bag of crisps and a glass of juice, you laid there on the rug in front of the T.V. and eagerly gave life to the black outlines that adorned the rough pages.

* Colouring Pencils were also available

Now I have to admit that I never saw any of these in my local shops so have no personal recollections of them, however I did have the Design Center, which was modelled after Soundwave.

Many happy hour was spent with this huge hunk of plastic and it’s many accessories.

Anyway, I digress …. So, below is a gallery of assorted colouring books from 194 to 1986.

As you can see there is some great artwork on display, a real hotchpotch showing influences from the cartoon, the toys and other perhaps from available chemicals of the time … it was the 80’s after all.

If anyone has any further information or had them we’d love to hear from you, or perhaps post your thought and recollections on our Facebook Page, link below.

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