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I only recently picked this figure up, prompted in part by the impending release of Quietus from Fans Toys and also by the fact that I had decided earlier in the year to extend my collection to include the main characters from the 1986 animated movie. Main characters can be subjective so I resolved to limit it to the individuals that appear on the movie poster as illustrated below (minus Wheelie of course).

Now with Eligos having been out for around two years I decided it was a little redundant of me to go and do a full blown review, so instead I decided to get a little creative. My creativeness was …. black & white images, I know, mind blown. I’d been messing with the features on my new phone and monochrome was one of the settings (all my images for reviews are done on a mobile phone camera), so as a tester I took a photo of a random figure I had knocking about and I liked the results. The following gallery, with this in mind, is a full blown experiment. Should it pay off I may do further reviews of ‘older’ items in this format.

Packaging & Accessories

Cybertronian Jet Mode

Robot Mode

Eligos, the Targetmaster

With Abaddon

Heralds of Unicron

So, what do I think ?

I like Eligos, I really do. Is he better than Quietus, no he’s not. But I’ll tell you this, out of the two it’s Eligos that has had most handling time. Eligos has the size and presence that Quietus should have, as in he’s a little taller and bulkier. Also Eligos for me is more pleasing in hand, he feels like he’s made to be picked up and messed around with whereas Quietus has that feeling of handling a statue (which incidentally I get from most Fans Toys stuff). It makes sense to me in my head. Eligos does fall short, quite literally, when it comes to jet mode. His short and stubby airborne mode is okay but when aside Quietus’ sleek and sexy jet mode he is left wanting. But then again he claws points back by having the little Abaddon being able to pilot him, nice touch there X-Transbots. If you are in the market for an MP version of Cyclonus then you now have two choices; you can go with the Fans Toys Quietus (an amazing figure, which I will be reviewing soon), or Eligos. Eligos will be quite easy to pick up right now from collectors who are looking to shed him in lieu of Quietus. This in my opinion is a good thing as Eligos still has a lot to give and is worthy of some continued love.

I’ll be keeping both my 3rd Party Cyclonus’, Quietus will be Cyclonus whilst Eligos will swell the ranks as ‘Armada’. Or, if you like, another way to look at it could be; Quietus is the Cyclonus of the ’86 Movie whilst Eligos is the Cyclonus of Season 3 … it’s win all round.

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