Friday, 17 May 2019

Writing Articles, Gaudenter and the "Kremzeek!" System

Gaudenter is coming... and we've also a few blogs in the writing, the second of which will cover the aforementioned Gigapower Gaudenter HQ-05R. I've had this figure a few weeks now but wanted to save my thoughts until the new blog-site was done.

Along with the new content will be a new system of "scoring" if you will. Now we don't intend this to be a strict definition, more a guide. We won't and never will presume to tell you what you should buy, sure we will offer our opinions but ultimately it's up to you how you spend your hard earned. And by all means (we strongly advise), go check out other reviews or commentaries before getting your wallets out.

Anyway, this scoring will be our "Kremzeek!" score. We will look to assign each new (or old for that matter) item we review or photograph a score out of 5 Kremzeeks! It's daft I know but bugger it, why not, may as well have a chuckle while we're at it.

So there we are, we'll see you in the next post.