Wednesday, 19 June 2019

G-Creation GDW-02 Rebel

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G-Creations Rebel is one of three figures sent to us by our friends over at Cosmic Toys that they've had traded in recently. But before going on sale they asked us to take a brief look and offer our thoughts... how could we refuse?

G-Creations have drawn inspiration from the IDW comics for their release of GDW-02 Rebel and pretty much stay on point with the comic artwork. This provides us with solid looking version of Prowls Cybertronian form.

As seems to be increasingly common now, Rebel is all plastic with no die-cast content. The plastic used is good but at times when handing and manipulating I felt that it could break as there is no real flex in it. Minimal paint applications with detail being tampo'd on. In robot mode Rebel has good articulation and maintains a good pose. Transforming into vehicle mode is a little taxing in places, this is mainly down to an underlying sense that at any point it may break. Some of the tabs don't fully lock in or line up which causes the vehicle mode to look unfinished. Once in vehicle mode and 10 to 15 minutes of tidying up it looks really nice. Rebel rolls well on the rubber tyres, and has various points about his person to attach the supplied weaponry.

Talking of accessories G-Creations keep it simple, two blasters, two batons and two shoulder mount rockets. All tab in as they should aside from the batons, they are held in place by just the closed fists.

Overall it's a good solid figure in terms of looks and shelf presence. It's not something that I personally would entertain, this is down to it being out of my self imposed 'collecting remit', however if you are a fan of the IDW style then I'd say it would be a good buy.