Thursday, 6 June 2019

Gigapower HQ-05R Gaudenter

My thoughts on Gaudenter were originally intended to be the subject of my second blog article, however this has now changed. What was going to be my first can now be found on the page “ The All New Vaults of Iacon …..” Confused yet ?

Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the Dinobot Bombardier shall we.

It all started off a little poorly to be fair. Gaudenter arrived and when I opened the box the two spotlights and remote were missing. Okay, not the best of starts (the first of three QC issues as a matter of fact), but lets carry on and get him in hand and have a play about.

Gaudenter is big, sturdy and gloriously shiny. The chrome work on the wings just sends the light off in all sorts of directions, which incidentally makes him a bit of a nightmare to photo, well for my limited skills anyway. Articulation is good but extra support is required for certain poses as those wings tend to unbalance him somewhat due to the weight. Talking of weight there is die-cast content, the feet and I’m sure there is some in the chest/torso area too.

Transformation is pretty straightforward, no engineering degree required here. It mirrors the original toy of sorts with just enough trickery to bring it up to Masterpiece standards.

In Pteranodon guise Gaudenter is even bigger with a rather impressive wing span (around 22 inch give or take), articulation here is limited with most of it in the wings. The neck is bendy but not convincing in getting any actual relative poses out of it. Briefly going back to the wings raises my second QC issue with this figure, the right wing had no friction in it at the main joint so just dropped down to the side like it’d had a stroke.

A nice selection of accessories (all of which can be viewed in the images), although I continue to wish they’d drop the light up accessories as I never use the feature and assume a good chunk of others don’t too. The stand is huge and very nice but lacks real dynamic articulation so Gaudenter is limited to forward or back tilt poses only (both in robot and Pterosaur mode). Now with the stand in mind brings me to my third and final QC issue. Gaudenter in Pteranodon mode tabs on via a “T” shaped peg located on the torso. I did so and only due to my swift reflexes saved him from being smashed on the floor. The “T” shaped peg stayed on the stand with Gaudenter in my hands. The pegs that hold this part onto the torso had sheared off, I’d say from assembly by being inserted at an angle.

Paint applications are good and in line with what has come before, a few minor chips and scuffs here and there but nothing I’m going to get over excited about. Face sculpt is a thing for me, not over keen. Can’t really place my finger on it, maybe it’s the lack of a real neck that makes it look squat? The eyes too are a little small and I had to paint them red due to the “neutral” face having blue eyes (the swap out feature omitted form this figure). I went red to honour the G1 toys but also the fabulous artwork (by John Higgins) from the inside cover of the 1986 G1 Annual, which can be seen below.

Going back to the QC issues I have to be fair and say that all have been addressed, by both the retailer and Gigapower themselves. As you can see from the photo’s I now have the lights & remote and the “T” peg piece (both provided via the retailer). The wing issue is in hand and is being dealt with by Gigapower. Although I have to say that the lights are a bit of a let down, they don’t provide much useful light and they seem to choose when and when not to work. None of this has dampened my experience of this figure, the retailer or Gigapower. These things happen and we rise up to meet them and deal with them, kicking and screaming throwing a fit achieves nothing.

In closing before you go on to view the images I can say that overall Gaudenter is a good solid figure and an amazing Dinobot. The overall sculpt and size is nailed on for me (I always felt that the FansToys versions were a little on the short side), I’m from the school of bigger the better when it comes to the Dinobots. With this in mind I am eagerly awaiting Superator (Grimlock) to finally finish off my Dinobots and my Transformers Masterpiece collecting journey. The negatives from this figure don’t outshine and how could they with all that chrome, it’s not perfect but name me a figure that is.

Gigapower Gaudenter has scored a solid 4 out of 5 Kremzeeks!