Wednesday, 26 June 2019

MakeToys MTRM-10 Galaxy Meteor

The third and final of the three traded in figures sent to us by Cosmic Toys is MakeToys MTRM-10 Galaxy Meteor. This Is MakeToys version of Starscream as seen in the series Transformers: Cybertron or Galaxy Force in Japan.

Now I'll not lie, I know nothing of this series or the toys that it spawned (or is it the other way round). However I do know about MakeToys and their previous output, so I intend to proceed from there in doing this brief commentary for this figure.

A quick Google search and I can see that MakeToys have captured Starscreams look very well, the sculpt and colours are near spot on.
The articulation is great which allows some good poses to be achieved and the joints give a satisfying click when engaged. The plastic is MakeToys usual standard, which is good but I find to be a little on the 'sharp' side. By this I mean it has little to no flex in it and gives the impression it could snap under undue pressure. Thankfully none of my MakeToys figures have exhibited this to date but it's still a concern for me.

Accessories include a selection of alternative face sculpts, a gun/rifle and what I've read to be a thing called the 'cyber key'. I don't know if I'd call it an accessory but there is a neat little gimmick where when you press a tab on what I assume to be this Starscreams version of null-rays, a long blade flips out. This is a feature that can be used in both the robot and plane mode.
Packaging is nothing special, the now standard 'MP' look but I still remain frustrated by the two-part clam, where all the accessories spill out everywhere when pulled apart.

Bringing this swift fly-by to a close, the articulation is good and this makes the robot mode really stand out, dynamic poses have a good shelf presence. Transformation is quite easy but suffers from certain tabs not sitting correctly (this could be down to me), so when in aircraft mode some parts don't look straight or aligned. It's not a piece for me, that is certain but for a fan of the Cybertron series or even if you are a fan of the treacherous one himself then I see little downside in picking this one up.