Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Perfect Effect PE-DX09 Mega Doragon

The second of the three trade in figures sent to us by Cosmic Toys is Perfect Effect’s take on Beast Wars (Trans-Metals 2) Megatron, PE-DX09 Mega Doragon.

I cannot say I was ever a fan of the Beast Wars era, it passed me by but I do recall picking up a few items when I got back into collecting. These were few and they didn't last very long before they were sold off to fund other extravagances.

But this thing, this looks very tidy indeed. It almost made me consider holding onto it, almost.

While it looks the business I have to be honest and say it feels like a tragedy waiting to happen. The plastic quality is very light and potentially brittle. Whilst handling & transforming it I was anticipating something snapping. It didn't, now whether that was down to my gentle touch or the integrity of the plastic I'll leave to you to decide. Joints vary from being quite tight to annoyingly loose. Weight is unevenly distributed so balance is a thing if you attempt poses other than upright, this effects both modes due to the epic size of the wings. This is a shame as the articulation isn't half bad, considering one arm is a ruddy great big dragons neck and head.

Three modes are on offer here, robot, dragon and a 'ground mode'... essentially a dragon on wheels.

Paint applications are good, the flat and metallic's work well together and the translucent plastic is always a winner with me. As for accessories he comes with two swords and an additional face (plus instructions). The swords store away in the wings and the additional face can store in the 'shield' of the right arm, which also has a flip out dagger. The tail and the wings do detach, this isn't for play value but is there only to facilitate putting away into the box.

Overall I would say that this is a very nice figure to look at, I was impressed, that is until I picked it up. If you plan on having it static in a display then I cannot see much in way of discouraging you, however if you are a fiddler and like to take down once in a while to play about then I'd be a little hesitant.... but wouldn't out right dismiss it. "Handle with care I believe the saying goes".