Friday, 5 July 2019

Illusion Cubed or A Tale of Three Magic Squares...

Magic Square have produced a fantastic figure in Light of Freedom. I picked up the original MS-01 when it came out and reviewed it for the old Vaults of Iacon website. At that time I stated that repaints would be inevitable in due course. They are now here, 3 versions, Metallic, White and Black. Optimus, Magnus and Nemesis. They look awesome, regardless of being on their own or in a group such as this, the metallic works for the mold and fits in better with the two other repaints, although the original "pastel" pallet for MS-01 is still my favoured of the four.

Simplistic packaging with minimal accessories, everything is carried over from the original release with only Nemesis getting a variation in colour for the Energo-Axe. This is probably my only gripe with Magic Square, it would have been nice for them to extend the effort into making the accessories a little different and maybe giving Magnus a gun more matching his own rather than Primes.

In robot mode Light of Freedom has plenty of good usable articulation and can be manipulated into some great poses. Of these three fortunately they do not suffer the 'colour rub' that MS-01 has, leaving reds on the greys. Borrowing from MP-10 on various fronts, this is no negative as MP-10 is still up there in my opinion, Light of Freedom cuts a better silhouette than the former giving it a more 'heroic' aesthetic.

Transformation is straightforward, again the MP-10 influence is there but with a clever leg transformation solution. In truck mode it does the job, looks well but as with just about all versions of Prime, it's let down in the rear section as the legs don't collapse enough to get a more slender look. No hitch point for a trailer but does look like some forethought may have been there for some point in the future. MP-10's trailer will sit on there but does not hook up.

Well, that's about it for this brief run through, on to the pictures.

So how do I score them, it's somewhere in the no mans land of being in between the toy and the animation, which suits me fine. Light of Freedom has that big square jawed look of the traditional hero, proper 80's style. It's hard not to just sit and stare at him on the shelf, even harder to not pick him up and have a play around. And so I give Light of Freedom, in all his paint schemes (a very personally biased), 5 out of 5 Kremzeek's.