Could We Interest You ....

It's a constant balance to keep and maintain a collection. As much as we would like to collect it all, we have to let some things go from time to time.

This page will have items from the Vault that we feel the time has come for them to move on and become the care of another. All items that appear here are from our personal collection and (unless otherwise stated) will have been reviewed at one point or another then put back in the box and stored away.

Prices will show below each photo set, these prices are not inclusive of postage or any PayPal fees (which is our preferred payment method). And currently we only ship to within the United Kingdom and Europe.

  Laserwave MP-29 SOLD

  Skywarp MP-11SW £85.00
(Missing one wing flap)

  Oversized Grimlock (G1 Colours) SOLD

79 Beano Comic Libraries
(Contact me for issue numbers)
£60.00 for the lot