Month: March 2017

Reviews | March 29, 2017

Maketoys MTRM-08 Despotron aka Masterpiece Megatron

No words, just a few pictures to show this figures might. A result of my first Transformers trade, just getting in there before the release of the official Masterpiece Megatron […]

Reviews | March 14, 2017

Takara Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple

I must confess to knowing very little about Grapple (the character), his distant cartoon appearances eluded me and I struggle to recall any memorable storylines he was involved in during […]

Reviews | March 7, 2017

Mastermind Creations Ocular Max PS-07 Artifex

I’m on fire here, not literally of course, well not unless I’ve suddenly taken to practising spontaneous combustion. No, the fire I speak of is having shelled out 4 reviews […]

Reviews | March 2, 2017

Fans Toys FT-10 Phoenix – Pre Production Sample

“It appears to be a robot of unknown classification. With his size and probable strength, he will make an excellent Decepticon!” Megatron, Fire in the Sky. I feel honoured right […]