About Us

It is the year 2005... well actually Vaults of Iacon (as an idea) had been created in 2000 but didn't attain a web presence until 2005. At the beginning it was a place to share pictures of my own collection & provide brief thoughts on the varying items therein. Over the years the content increased, the site had more than one or two face lifts and I began to try my hand at structuring my ramblings into some kind of coherent reviews.

This is how Vaults of Iacon functioned up until 2019... when I decided to close it all down to have a break and gather my thoughts on how to move forward.

So here is the 'moving forward', a new website with the same name and pretty much the same ethos as before, maybe with just not so much to say and more pictures to look at.

It's worth a try... or as they say "if it ain't broke don't fix it".