The All New Vaults of Iacon .....

The All New Vaults of Iacon
(contains 45% Old Vaults of Iacon ... may contain traces of nuts)

What came before!

I was there in the beginning, September 1984, 10 years old and ready for something new. You know what comes next, we all do so we’ll fast forward to 1999 and a chance encounter with some old toys on a second hand market stall. Heading home I ventured into the loft and dusted off my old Transformers and I was drawn back in.

How did we get here?

Well, to be honest I’d say that the way we were doing things on the old site wasn’t really working anymore. The website had been going since 2005, so that’s a fair chunk of time. Sure it’d had a few face-lifts on the way but at it’s core it was still the same. Now being named as it was then you’d expect it to be tailored to just The Transformers. This was never my original intentions but along the way that’s what it had become.

So what wasn’t working?

I felt the need to be constantly working on the site and it’s content, always on the lookout for news, items and figures to review to populate the pages. I pressured myself into a corner to the point that it was no longer a joy, a fun thing to do as a hobby or distraction. I never had any notions of being big or being the go to site for info, was never going to happen. I wanted to just do it for the love of cool retro stuff from our childhoods. That pressure also narrowed my field of vision into catering / focusing on just Transformers.

How to solve the problem?

I’d had some health issue news which forced me to reflect on myself and what I was doing. I impulsively decided that the Website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all had to go. I felt the need to shut off from certain things. It was all in the processes of being shut down when a good friend stepped in with a virtual slap around the chops. I put everything on hold and looked at what really was the issue here. After that break I realised that my “hobby” or “passion” was not the issue it was how I was going about it or was perceiving it. So I decided to begin streamlining my output but also broadening my scope. Twitter was still on the dump list, Instagram would remain unchanged, a new Facebook page would be created and the Website would be closed and in it’s place would be a Blog-site. All this would allow me to pursue the two basic things that were at my core, taking photo’s of stuff and passing direct and to the point commentary on it.

And so “New” Vaults of Iacon was born….