Wednesday 28 June 2023


Honestly, I know very little about the Shattered Glass Universe, aside from the Autobots being the bad guys and the Decepticons being the good guys. Perhaps it’s just as straight forward as that, who knows?

However, as I’m looking at a figure and it’s merits therein, I don’t think I really need to know much past the base overview of the premise. Shall we get to it then?

So, I got my hands upon an MH Toys MH-01C Hurricane, Fleet Commander Orange Limited Version, care of Ben from Ben’s Collectables. He did tell me how many they are limited to but I’ve since forgotten.

This version is just a straight up KO of Fans Toys Quietus... in Orange. And trust me it’s a gorgeous orange, the photo’s don’t really do the colour scheme justice. I suspect that the figure is painted as the match between panels is spot on, something that isn’t always achieved when it’s a mixture of painted and coloured plastics. There is also a metallic fleck in there, really highlighting the colours and reflecting the light to give it a cool shimmer. The plastic quality is good, but it’s not Fans Toys quality good. You can tell it is not official.

With it being a straight up KO, aside from the colour, the way the figure performs is identical to Quietus. And with this in mind I won’t go over old ground in describing all the fine details etc, as there are a plethora of video reviews out there that have covered this already.

I’ll just give a brief breakdown of my thoughts as they come to me.

Packaging: it’s a nice box. Well made, good materials and illustrated nicely. The figure is in a poly case inside the box, much the same as Quietus. And like the latter, the box seems a little too big for the polys.

Contents: Hurricane (duh!), Weapon Fighter (his Targetmaster),G1 style gun, Animation style gun, Long sword, short sword, Alt face, Alt head with additional ‘horns’ and the two hip skirt attachments to hold the swords. The latter of these accessories are to emulate the IDW version of Cyclonus if you wish. Although I’ve no idea why you would as IDW’s Cyclonus sucked balls….. possibly literally!

Hurricane: I’ve already talked about the paint and plastic so I’ll not repeat myself. And, as also mentioned, the figure is a like for like of Quietus. All I’ll add here is that MH Toys appear to have redesigned the hands. Curious choice , but they work and they do look better than the Fans Toys ones. The other thing I’ll mention is with regards the shoulders. I’m liaising with Ben on this, but it appears there may be a bit missing from the internal part of the upper shoulder assembly. This means that the arm flops around and is not held tight to the body. I intend to take it apart and have a look to see whats going on in there. I suspect it may either be a spring or a tab of some descript. The various IDW style accessories can be utilised in this mode, but again, why you'd want to is beyond me…. well, other than the swords.

Weapon Fighter: This is a great little figure, packed with articulation. Transforms well and looks just as good on weapon mode.

Transformation: Nothing new here, same as Quietus. It’s KO status begins to become more apparent during this process. Some very slight misalignment means some areas don’t tab in quiet as well as I’d like but overall it’s not to its detriment.

Jet Mode: Cyclonus’ jet mode is sublime and looks even more so in orange. But, as mentioned above, that pesky KO status kind of gets in the way.

Closing Thoughts: This is a great KO of Quietus, with the added bonus of that amazingly vibrant orange decor. The materials are good, the paint application is beautiful and like me, even if you don’t know much about the characters origins, you can just enjoy this figure for just being. Don’t expect it to be as good as Quietus, if you do you’ll be disappointed. But in all fairness it isn’t that far off, and if MH Toys consider visiting some of the other Fans Toys offerings, say a certain cohort of Cyclonus further down the line, I’m sure I’ll be sweeping one or two up.

Right, I’m out of here. I’ve been Edd, he’s been Hurricane and you’ve been awesome for spending a little time reading my ramblings.

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