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At the time of writing the review for Modfans AL01S Ruller (the silver version), AL01T was still on pre-order and awaiting arrival into the Vault. Well he’s here now and I’m going to write a few words and take some pictures for you to look over. Oh hell, who am I kidding, I’m copying & pasting and maybe changing a line or two. As let’s be honest, aside from the colour, it’s the same bloody figure! So you can read on with an air of familiarity or just look at the lovely pictures, choose your fate!

Box & Accessories

The box is very simple, borderline drab one could say but not me. Its simplicity makes it stand out, I like the muted colours and the ‘technical’ drawings of the robot and vehicle that adorn it, gives it a premium feel. The air of a product that has been well thought out and designed. Opening the box up and Ruller is housed in a two part clam (in robot mode), with his two guns at his side. Under the clam is a bag containing the instructions and the all important hose (no collectors card here folks). My fellow G1 enthusiast will know how precious that little item is these days. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, printed to both sides with a splash of colour here and there over the monochrome. The two guns can be joined together to make a ‘rifle’, but while separated the hose can be attached to both to mimic it’s G1 inspiration.

Vehicle Mode

In vehicle mode, Ruller is immediately recognisable as Roller. This being the blue version that came with Optimus Prime and not the silver one that came with Convoy. This version was on pre-order when I wrote the review for the silver version, and as you may have guessed by now… it arrived. I have also since placed a pre-order for the IDW variant, but at the moment no release date for that one has been confirmed. But back to Ruller. In this mode he is bigger than Roller that comes with MP-10, I don’t have the Official MP-44 so cannot compare him to that versions Roller, but looking at images over the web it appears to be larger than that one also. As you’d expect, six wheels and four seats, but there is no leg room to accommodate a figure to ride along. Ruller can hitch up to both MP-10 and MP-44 without the need of an adapter, and due to his diminutive size, can fit comfortably in both versions trailers. The guns (when combined) fit in a slot behind the read light, however the front portion needs rotating to fit, this stops the handle catching on the front seat backrest. Separate the guns and insert the hose and you can re-create all those Transformers refueling missions you had Roller go on as a child. All the wheels spin freely and he rolls out well, no rubber on those wheels but there is die-cast, which I’ll mention later. Not much more to comment upon here, other than it’s a solid vehicle mode, all clips together well, no gaps and looks really good.


Transformation is straight forward, quite simple with nothing taxing here. There is plenty of clearance so no bending of parts to move around stuff and at no point did I feel that anything would break or stress. All parts tuck away with only the wheels on the tops of the arms left out as ‘kibble’. But on the Transformers that change from cars, this does not bother me in the slightest.

Robot Mode

Ruller is a great looking bot, no denying that, and for his size he has shelf presence well above his station. There is a chunk and heft to the little fella, blocky yet with nice lines pleasing to the eye from any angle. Articulation is a mixture of ratchets and ball joints, but all are tight and give me no pause to think they will loosen up anytime soon. This selection of articulation points afford him a good range of posing potential, which I’ve attempted to showcase in some of the photos included, but I’d say he is capable of more given some assistance and a stand or two. Hands are fixed, akin to what you’d find on some of the more recent Legacy stuff, that’s not a complaint might I add. And to be fair, they don’t look out of place here for some reason.

This blue version of Ruller is moulded in blue, red and a pearlescent white plastic, rather than the metallic grey of the silver version. Now there is paint, but it’s limited to the detailing and the die-cast parts. So we are talking the feet, thighs, chest, waist, head and the wheels (in vehicle mode it’s the front lights along with the aforementioned wheels). Of the die-cast, there may be more but so far I’ve nailed it down to just the feet, which makes sense as the Ruller has a good centre of gravity which helps keep him stable during the more ambitious poses. His scale is good, measuring in at waist height with MP-10. I chose MP-10 as his photo buddy as I felt he best suited the aesthetic that Ruller has on show. But I can see him fitting in quite comfortably with the newer MP’s and if you wish, maybe some Legacy stuff too.
Closing Thoughts

It’s safe to say that I’ve taken to this little fella in a big way, there is lots of charm on show here in such a small package. It’s not changed my mind with regards having things transform that didn’t previously, but with Ruller it does work. Besides, there are instances in the various comics of Roller being a transformable character, is this my get out of the hypocrisy jail card? Maybe!

I did not hesitate when ordering this piece, funny as I cannot explain why, I just know that when I saw it I was immediately drawn to him. Ruller is a sound purchase option given his price point vs play-ability factor. You get a lot for your money here, which these days is no bad thing. Hmm, bad thing! That reminds me, or should I say, Ruller reminds me of Badcube for some reason. Not exactly, more a refined version of there previous output. And with all that in mind, I’m glad that I have the IDW version on pre-order now to complete the trio.

I suppose I’d better wrap this up and get to the point, should you spend your money on this figure? Without question, yes, most definitely. Whether you want a transformable Roller or not, or if you just want another character to fill out your ranks. Ruller really does not really need a reason to bought, just buy him and enjoy the low cost and play-ability of this charming little bugger.

And that’s about it. The rest you can gather from the photo’s or by heading over to Omegalock and buying one for yourself.

Right, I’m out of here. I’ve been Edd, he's been Ruller (the blue one) and you’ve been awesome for spending a little time reading my ramblings.

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