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2016 – A Half Year in Collecting: Part One

August 14th, 2016 | posted by Eddie


As I tend to do a review or brief blog on the figures I acquire as I go along it’s never occurred to me to contemplate doing a yearly review or overview. However after considering it, mainly due to my eye being caught by ST-01 Alpha Pack sitting there on the shelf almost daring me […]

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Mastermind Creations Ocular Max PS-03 Backdraft

August 4th, 2016 | posted by Eddie

2016-07-29 18.11.13

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I received this figure, a long time to get round to doing a review. Two reasons, I’ve been busy of late but more than that I’ve just not been able to put him down long enough to put pen to paper. As soon as I opened up the parcel […]

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Mastermind Creations Ocular Max PS-02 Liger

July 28th, 2016 | posted by Eddie

2016-07-16 16.26.55

I found myself switching my stare between the PC monitor and Liger wondering how the hell to start this review (well slightly less than a review but a little more than a blog). Looking for inspiration to come up with some witty word play for the number three to highlight my 3rd purchase of this […]

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Masterpiece MP-25L Loud Pedal

June 30th, 2016 | posted by Eddie

2016-06-25 21.01.21

….fade in AC/DC’s Back in Black…. Far from being unexpected, however hugely welcomed, Takara present to us Black Tracks. Or should I say “Loud Pedal”….sorry but it’s a bit of a shit name, I’ll get that out of the way right now (I’ve not seen such a rubbish name since the Volkswagon “Bora”). To bring […]

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