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Released in 1986 the Battle Chargers had a similar auto-transformation gimmick that the Autobot Jumpstarters had from the previous year. A simple pull back and go mechanism which then activated a pop-up feature to give them their robot modes. At the time I had no interaction with the toys and as for the characters, I recall their appearances in the Marvel UK comics to be brief. I have since owned both the Battle Charger and Jumpstarter toys, but now reside in the care of another having long since being sold.

This brings us to now and X-Transbots Fast & Fury, their take on the Battle Chargers… no auto-transformations here!

Box & Accessories

X-Transbots standard packaging, nicely illustrated, sturdy with a lovely matt finish and highlights. Battle scene on the rear of the box and to the front, a combined scene when both boxes are placed side-by-side. The figures and accessories are encased in polystyrene. Standard collectors card and instruction booklet are present but do not fit into the recess on the top of the polystyrene case.

Accessories wise you get a gun, that’s it! A little sparce for X-Transbots but I suppose but what else is there to expect? No cartoon episode that allows them to chuck a load of pointless bits of painted plastic their way.


Transformation is not bad, really it’s not, it’s just the usual X-Transbots engineering. Because they are essentially mold-mates to a certain degree, the transformation process is almost identical. The only part I had a slight issue with was the rotating of the rear sections that make up the back of the car. Because the armatures look weak and flimsy, I was extra careful so as to not break anything. Of course there is the tight thighs and foot panels to mention. My copy of Fury suffered with these but fortunately I’m not one to keep trying to move something when it is obviously too tight or not moving as it should. I took the relevant bits apart and fixed them, and so now they work as they should. The foot panels just require a screw to be loosened a little and as for the thigh rotation, the mushroom peg just needs a little filing off the bottom and then a small amount of plastic safe silicone grease applying before re-assembling.

Vehicle Mode

The car modes look absolutely lush, seriously very tasty. Two iconic vehicles in the Lotus and the Trans Am. Both are solid and my copies have no panel gaps of mis-alignments to speak of. Paint applications are spot on, very even, no blemishes and the pearlescent on Fast is sublime. On both cars the working features are: opening doors, pop-up headlights and opening bonnet (hood). Both also have interior details such as the front seats and the steering wheel, although only Fast has engine detail under the bonnet as the Lotus is a mid-engine car. Oh, and before I forget, the guns can be stored in the vehicle modes. Finishing off the look are chromed wheels, rubber tyres and painted accents and highlights around the car body. Talking of the wheels, both free wheel well on them with nothing catching as they do. Before I move I will mention the obvious, that is the potential for a re-paint for both cars. The obvious Knight Rider KITT re-paint for Fast but then the less obvious white (or copper) re-paint for Fury, a tipping of the hat to the Bond films ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and ‘For Your Eyes Only’.

Ah, there was something else I wanted to point out, scale. The car modes are not to scale with each other, the robot modes are and to me that is more important. Those who know will tell you that the Trans Am is a much bigger car than the Lotus.
Robot Mode

The mold-mate comparisons can be drawn here in robot mode as they pretty much look alike, aside from the obvious differences in the car shape from which they come. Both look really nice and slender, no kibble or unsightly back-packs on show here (take note Fans Toys, it can be done). They both share the same points of articulation which means that they can achieve pretty much the same poses, although I will say that I found Fury to be more sturdy on his feet than Fast was. I have seen some really good pose shots on the web and in the groups so be sure to check them out if you can (I’m not really that imaginative with such things and also I was a little strapped for time whilst doing this review).

The amazing paintwork carries on over into this mode, looking equally as good. Small moulded details on the shins and around the head area, nothing distracting or over done. I will note the small twin wheels on the feet, a nice little call back to the G1 toys. The head is on a ball joint (finally), which would give you some great range were it not obstructed by the pillars at either side of the head. The hands are awful but do what they need to, while also making getting the gun into the hands quite tight. I noted on Fury that when I took the gun out of his hand, the paint on the guns peg had been rubbed off. One last thing I'll mention is the "hole" in the windscreen (windshield) on Fury. It was something that puzzled collectors before he was released and in hand. Many speculated as to why or what for... all more imaginative than the reality. It's to allow the interior steering wheel to rotate on it's joint, that's it! Now does it look unsightly? Maybe! Some have complained much about it but I'm not really bothered about it. In fact, part of me almost likes it. A strange quirk in the mold that does not really need to be there.

Closing Thoughts

Not really fitting into my collecting ethos, Fast & Fury were purchased on the strength of how good their car modes looked. Their slim and slender robot modes also helped a lot. Neither were characters I had any great connection to but I reasoned that after reviewing them, were I not overly impressed I could always sell them on. But things never really work out the way you imagine or plan for. And so all I can say is that both Fast & Fury have earned their places upon my shelf next to Fioravanti. I don’t think I need say anymore than that, do you?

And so, plastic quality is great, the paintwork is great, articulation is good but some design choices are tired if still functional. I see little benefit in the interior detailing but it's there and it does not get in the way of anything. Overall another solid release and aside from some design choices (and minor QC issues), this is continuing X-Transbots improvement release after release.

And that’s about it. The rest you can gather from the photo’s or by heading over to Omegalock and buying one for yourself.

Right, I’m out of here. I’ve been Edd, they’ve been Fast & Fury and you’ve been awesome for spending a little time reading my ramblings.

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