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Go big or go home! The 6000 SUX, because bigger is better! and so on… You get the point, sometimes things are just better when they are bigger. There is a history of up-scaling Transformers on the 4th party market, some of the Takara MP’s have had the treatment, the biggest of which I believe was/is the Lewin MP-10. To date it’s still the largest Optimus Prime by a 4th Party company.

Pangu-mus Prime is not as big as the Lewin version but it’s still an impressive size, measuring in at around 45cm (just short of 18 inch). I was initially sceptical when it was announced, I’d not had a Pangu product prior and was unsure as to the quality of materials that may be used. Would it be sturdy, would it be cheap and cheerful? But my curiosity got the better of me… that and the fact I had a bucket load of points and vouchers with Show.Z, so ended up getting it for a price I couldn’t refuse… I’d buy that for a dollar!

So with a figure that was not really size friendly for my photo area, I set to take some shots and consider my thoughts now that I have him in hand.

Box & Accessories

The box is really nice, I love the artwork and colour. I also like the imagery used to showcase the actual figure, this plus the battery directions to the lower flap. Inside the box and Pangu-mus Prime is entombed within polystyrene (another win), love me some polys. Presented in robot mode he is surrounded by a small range of accessories, these include: ION Blaster, Energy Axe, Battle Damaged Head, Starscream Head, Matrix of Leadership and a chunk of Energon (it’s a plastic covered magnet).

On the outer of the polys is a Megatron in gun-mode. All accessories are of good quality, none of which feel cheap and so what they are designed to do. Although the Energy Axe is a little loose fitting and Megatron does not fit in his hand 100%, but it works enough to be effective. I’ll also mention the light up features to the ION Blaster and the Matrix, the latter of which is activated by the included chunk of Energon. Rounding out things on this part are the usual instruction booklet and collectors card, but this card is super shiny with a very nice foil effect.


YouTube has led me to believe that the transformation sequence is identical to the Magic Square Light of Freedom 2.0, of which Pangu-mus Prime is an over-sized version of. I do not have this figure as yet, I am toying with picking one up as currently I still have their 1.0 version. Anyway, the transformation…

The transformation is pretty straightforward to be honest, the main difficulty I experienced was it being awkward to handle and manipulate due to its size, it’s also heavy, but not too heavy. The plastic and the joints are sturdy, at no point did I fear I would break or stress anything and all the tabs go where they should and hold.

Vehicle Mode

Truck mode looks good, it’s still not perfect as alt modes for Prime go but it does it’s best. The main area of distraction is the rear section, they still really look like folded up legs. Size wise, he isn't any smaller I’m afraid, still a bloody big truck mode!

There are some painted highlights here and there, die-cast and the super important rubber tyres, of which he rolls out very well on. Chrome to the wheels, petrol tanks, exhaust stacks, bumper and grille, front lights and rear view mirrors all go towards giving him a premium feel. It would have been so easy to cheap out and just paint them silver but Pangu went that little extra for this release, and credit to them for it.
No hitch point (5th wheel) or accessory adaptor to attach a trailer…. I mean seriously, who has the room for this to have a trailer even if they are mad enough to do one!!!

Robot Mode

Pangu-mus Prime has such presence, and it’s nothing to do with his size, okay, maybe a little. No, this presence is down to the design of the mold. Such a heroic looking version of Optimus Prime, not slender like MP-44 or Transform Element’s TE-01 or even the G1 animation model. This looks like an Optimus Prime that can and does take care of business.

But the figure itself, well…. the plastic is good as I’ve already mentioned as are the joints. They really do hold this figure in position very well. There is a mix of ratchet and friction but none are loose of overly tight, and this is essential as this figure has bags of articulation. The poses achievable with it are great, it’d be impressive for the normal size one let alone this big bugger. The painted highlights and chromed parts continue through to this mode, but it’s mostly coloured plastic which is a good shade and does not look cheap.
The ‘standard’ head has a light up eye feature, but not on the other two swap out ones, which is a shame really more so for the battle damaged one. They swap out by pulling on them as they attach via a ball joint. I am currently looking into a suitably sized Autobot logo for his upper arm, so the biggest I had will do for now. The Matrix chamber is detailed and when the Matrix is in there and lit-up, looks really nice.

I must admit, I’m kind of tied for words here on this review. He’s a big bugger of an Optimus Prime and looks awesome. So it’s probably best I get onto my closing thoughts.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve been sort of lucky with my Pangu-mus Prime as anyone who has been on any of the collecting groups will know, quite a few folks have had theirs arrive with arms broken off. Mine was all in one piece but did not come though totally unscathed.

It may not be visible on the photo’s but in robot mode the grey detailing band around the lower chest has been touched up at the factory with an ill-matching shade of grey, there is also a big dent and tear to the front of the box. Minor points really considering but I have been in touch with Show.Z and I’m sure they are on the issue, as they will be with the other issues for people.

I think it’ safe to say that my sceptical feelings have gone, and I am really impressed with this behemoth. He looks great, feels great and is just great… I know, a really crap ending to a review. But you can have a chuckle at my expense as I close out, because to be honest, I’ve no idea where I going to bloody put him!

And that’s about it. The rest you can gather from the photo’s or by heading over to Show.Z and buying one for yourself.

Right, I’m out of here. I’ve been Edd, he's been Pangu-mus Prime and you’ve been awesome for spending a little time reading my ramblings.

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