Wednesday 31 January 2024



Begun, the Devastator Wars have!

Okay, that’s a little dramatic I know but I’m not so sure I’m far off the mark here. Of all the offerings for a Masterpiece style Devastator that are to come, X-Transbots would not have been high on the list. Okay, maybe they would have made the top 5 but to get into the top 3… maybe even the top spot! This was something I’d not considered. But after having played around with MX-46 Big Load for a week, I’m thinking that all bets could be off!

It’s early days I know, but it could be a sign of things to come. Lets take a look at him shall we...

Box & Accessories

X-Transbots standard packaging to be blunt. They’re always nicely illustrated, sturdy with a lovely matt finish and highlights. What I also like about them is the inclusion of the ‘battle scene’ on the rear, very reminiscent of the Generation 1 boxes. Having being impressed by the polystyrene that Janssen was entombed in, it felt like a step backwards with the plastic clam that was used for Stack. So it’s nice to see a return to the polystyrene for Big Load. I’ve said it many times before, I do appreciate the polystyrene, it gives off that ‘Premium’ feel, but I’m also aware that it can have cost implications too. Standard collectors card and instruction booklet are present but I cannot remember the last time I used an instruction booklet, I tend to hit YouTube up for a transformation video and pause where necessary.

Accessories wise, not much really, considering the norm now to throw everything and anything in the box with the main attraction. So it’s a refreshingly sparce affair with a gun, two missiles and a swap out truck mode grille.


I’ll be honest, I was not looking forward to the transformation. X-Transbots are not always the most transformation friendly figures out there. However, after a watch of a transformation video I had a crack at it and you know what, it wasn’t that bad. It did kind of let you know where it wanted to go and how to get there. And in some respects, it is not too dissimilar to the sequence used for the original G1 toy, with obvious improvement for the engineering etc. My other concern was the materials and their rigidity. Again, I was pleasantly surprise and happy that X-Transbots seem to be improving in this area. The Plastic quality reminds me of the type used for the Mastermind Creations Combiners, specifically Medicus & Navigant. But unlike those two, Big Load here has some die-cast content too. At no point did I feel that I would break or stress anything.

(You will note that at this stage I make no mention of the combining ability, this is intentional and I will explore this when the set is complete)

Vehicle Mode

In vehicle mode, Big Load is a big old chunk of a thing. Feels solid and sturdy, however I would have liked some kind of locking mechanism for the waist section in vehicle mode. As it is, it can be rotated, making this mode look out of line. It’s a very minor gripe and hardly worth noting but If I noticed It then I’m sure others will too. Also, it’s not very polished in this mode. There are gaps and certain aesthetics about it that would look more at home on a lesser line, hardly befitting of a Masterpiece figure. But again, it’s another minor issue as the whole is more than these distractions. On the positive side, the ‘dump truck’ play feature is nice and I am always appreciative of die-cast and rubber tyres. The wheels are chromed, the lights reflect well and paint enhancements accentuate this alt mode. A swap out grille can be used but I opted to keep with the one that the figure came with out the box. Also in this mode, the two missiles can be attached to the upper section of the tipper part. Apologies as I had forgot to take pictures of this feature. Before moving on I’ll mention the purple windows, these look great and also the ability to roll well on those rubber tyred wheels.

Robot Mode

Big Load has some great articulation, but I’m a little concerned about the use of friction joints in places. Not so much for myself but for those that ‘pick-up and play’ with their collection (my stuff spends most of the time in the their boxes). But it appears that the joints that do really need it, have the ratchet type and they are more than sufficient and hold well. I don’t like the hands, which happens a lot with X-Transbots for me. It’s an area I think they can really improve on, as the fused fingers thing is now something we are way past. But they do what they need to do and hold his gun well. The missiles can also be utilised in this mode, attaching to slots on the forearms.

For the most part, it’s a coloured plastic with a metallic fleck in it to give it some sparkle. This holds for both the green and black plastic used. As mentioned for the vehicle mode, there are some painted areas which accentuate the overall look. The head sculpt is gorgeous! The white pearlescent paint and that metallic red visor really makes it pop, and if you are in the mood, you can flip up the black shroud to give it a G1 toy feel. Overall it’s a really solid and sturdy mode, well balanced and holds poses well. It also tidies up nice too, no kibble on show and other than the lower leg area, no gaps or hollows. Oh, and before I move on, I will say that I like the scale of the robot mode too. 6000 SUX all the way baby!
Closing Thoughts

So I guess that if you’ve read this far then you have probably surmised that my closing thoughts are going to be of the positive persuasion. And you would not be wrong in that assumption. I do really like Big Load, but I’m more impressed with the work that X-Transbots has done to bring us this figure. I mentioned in a comment I posted on a fellow reviewers Instagram that if this is the road that X-Transbots is on, then I see them being at Fans Toys level real soon. And to be honest, I’ve had that opinion since Janssen. But I’d say Big Load is even better than Janssen.. certainly when it comes to materials used.

Plastic quality is great, the finish is great, the painted highlights are great, that head sculpt is lush…. some design choices are tired but still functional. So yeah, overall it’s a solid release and aside from some of those design choices and transformation sequences, this does not feel or look like and X-Transbots offering. I most definitely look forward to the release of Big Load’s brethren.

(Again, I will remind you that I chose not to comment on the combining abilities of this figure. I will address this at a later date when the other team members have been released)

And that’s about it. The rest you can gather from the photo’s or by heading over to Omegalock and buying one for yourself.

Right, I’m out of here. I’ve been Edd, he's been Big Load and you’ve been awesome for spending a little time reading my ramblings.

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